The Torneo del Montefeltro “Ardet ut Feriat” – First Class in Italy

07 Oct 2016 11:17

WMFC First Class Tournament “Ardet ut Feriat” to take place on October 29th, 2016 in Urbino (Italy). The venue of the tournament will be the Palace of the Sport “Mondolce”. This tournament is the first Italian event of “international character” dedicated to the sport of full-contact fighting in historical armor. HMBIA News couldn`t miss such an event and decided to write about it. Gabriele Tonucci, “Feltrio” HMB-club captain and member of orgteam of the tournament, agreed to give us a little interview and told us about the upcoming tournament in all details.

We already know that the event is organized by “Feltrio” – the Italian HMB-club (in collaboration with C.S.E.N. (National Sports Educational Center for the promotion of sport) and W.M.F.C. (Medieval World Fighting Championship).

Organizers believe that there will be many fighters coming from Italy and other countries. At the moment orgteam has requests for the participation by people from: Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

The competition takes place according to international regulations, issued by W.M.F.C. The big role in the organization will be played by the international and professional marshals trained within the HMBIA as referees, which makes it possible for them to judge this kind of tournament.

The format of the tournament is primarily 1vs1 nomination, male and female (if we receive enough inscriptions). The duels take place inside of a historical stadium regulated according to the international regulation standards.

Gabriele Tonucci:
“The format of the event to be held in Urbino is ‘First Class’, and our goal is to give all new athletes the possibility to continue their careers in the professional league (Profight). At the moment the idea is to follow the rule of “weight category”, so, in this manner every fighter will have only one opponent that have the same characteristics, but also in this case all is dependant on the final number of the participants.

At the tournament, there will also be a duel in Profight league, between two professional fighters. All of the tournament fights are valid for international ranking of all fighters, both first class and profight league”.

Gabriele also mentioned that there are no money prizes in the “Ardet ut Feriat” tournament. Only the symbolic prizes like medals, cups, etc. And organizers noticed that the deadline to send the application form is on ?ctober 10th . On the facebook page of the event, athletes can find some pictures of the location, the palace of the sport, the rules of the tournament and the application form for participation.

Gabriele Tonucci:
“We are covering the expenses: for transfers from and to Milan and Bologna airports, the main meals in the day of the tournament, half of the accommodation expenses for all participants. Our organization team have covered the expenses of building of a sturdy wooden stadium for the tournament. This event will be the first in our country\town. We are also planning to organize an international tournament dedicated to the group battle (5vs5) the next year. But for now our club is doing as much as possible to develop hmb sport in Italy”.

HMBIA News wish good time and fair fights to organizers and participants and thanks Gabriele Tonucci for the interview and posters.


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