Ida Sonne Lehm about “Montbazon Tournament”-2016: “… everyone did a great job!”

06 Oct 2016 15:21

September 11, in Montbazon (France), an HMB event – “Montbazon Tournament”-2016 was held. This event got international status and that is really great! Ida Sonne Lehm, female fighter from “Det Frie Kompani” HMB Club (Denmark), and her team (female-fighters) got first place and HMBIA News had Ida telling her impressions in the interview.

“I fought with two other danish girls from Broderskabet. I really enjoyed

“Montbazon”Tournament – very nice fights and good organisation of the event. I understand that they clearly enjoy this sport in France. There was great atmosphere and I think everyone did a great job, especially the judges.

In France they have good fighters so it was good experience for all danish fighters. Fighting against the french ladies was fun and a great challenge and we now know what we have to work on when we are home.

I have trained a lot with my club “Det Frie Kompagni” and the other female fighters from Broderskabet Angelika and Cecilie to prepare for the tournament. All my efforts were worth it – I definitely enjoyed the tournament as well as my teammates did. It will be not the last time I visited the “Montbazon tournament” and I`m looking forward for more HMB tournaments”.HMBIA News want to thank Ida Sonne Lehm for the interview and wish her a lot of great HMB events and a lot of victories! Also HMBIA would like to thank photographer Justine Murzeau for the great photos.

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