Havoc Highlands Cup – first time in Australia

05 Oct 2016 15:23

In September,”Havoc Highlands Cup” took place in Australia. Bryce Lightbody, captain of the Sydney based HMB team “Havoc”, told HMBIA News about the tournament and his own impressions of the event.

Bryce Lightbody:
“The tournament was quite small in comparison with European ones but we still filled a whole day with consistent fighting. The crowd loved the show, especially the pro-fights and buhurts. This was the first tournament organized entirely by my team.We had to learn all the nuances pretty fast and try and make everything to go as planned, without any problems and delays”.

4 teams took part in the tournament: “Havoc”, “Vultures”, “Kraken” and “New England Renegades”.

There were fights in nominations as listed:

“4vs4″, “1vs1″ polearm, “Sword and Shield”, “Longsword” and pro-fights

Bryce Lightbody:
“The pro fights were the first in the newly raised “Australian Pro-fight League”. The wins went onto the record and the points gained by a certain fighter gave him/her a chance to fight for the champion’s belt in his/her weight class. We had 8 pro-fights.

I was extremely impressed by how the fighters from all the teams performed. The skill level has been constantly improving across Australia and it really showed in this tournament. For a couple of the fighters this was the first tournament. They both fought bravely and learned a lot. In the buhurts my team got a victory over the “Vultures” from Queensland”.

Bryce is one of the founders of HMB-sport in Australia and also he is a trainer of his team. So he secretly told us a how they trained before the tournament.

Bryce Lightbody:
“Team “Havoc” trains together two nights every week. In the lead up to this tournament we focused a lot on our hitting power for the buhurts. We also worked on our striking combinations as most of us were competing in one or more of the 1vs1 categories”.

“Havoc” worked hard and got great results! And thats what the whole results of the event.

“4vs4″ buhurt:
1st place – Havoc 1
2nd – Vultures
3rd – Havoc 3/Kraken

“Sword and Shield”

1st Jake Taylor
2nd Skye Burnie
3rd Chris Fogwill


1st Adam Miller
2nd Eric Cortis
3rd Chris Fogwill


1st Adam Miller
2nd Max Lawler
3rd Chris Fogwill

HMBIA and editorial office want to congratulate Team Havoc and its captain Bryce Lightbody with the debut in event organizing and wish them a lot of luck for the upcoming tournaments.


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