International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» -2016 – results and plans for the future

10 Oct 2016 16:11

Oct 1st. Springfield Illinois (Prarie Capital Convention Center) was a place of International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» -2016 – the largest tourney in the Western Hampshire. Here gathered over a 100 fighters. Sportsmen from Mexico, Canada, Russia, Austria and the top six HMB-clubs in the United States came to compete in “5 vs 5″, women’s and men`s single duels nominations. You can see results yourself

“5 vs 5″

1 – Partizan (Russia)
2- Iron Phoenix (USA)
3 – Ursus (USA)
4- Black Swan (USA)


Harvey Palmer (USA) won “Polearm”
Marcin Waszkielis (Poland) won “Sword and Shield” and “Sword and Buckler”
Jonathan Purviance (USA) won “Longsword”


Nominations for Women:

Lisa Galli won “Polearm” and “Sword and Shield”
Kamila Henkelman won “Sword and Buckler”
Shauna Heasley won “Longsword”


Brad Schaive, President of HMB USA, Member of the Company of the Black Swan and head of organizational committee of the International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» -2016 told HMBIA News a little of his impressions and plans for the future concerning this event.


Brad Schaive:

“First of all I can tell that the level of fighting was the highest I have seen in any US tourney. But we need more international teams in attendance. For sure we are planning to organize this tournament next year and it promises to be even bigger than this one. We will be adding a wooden barrier to the stadium also”.


So Brad Schaive and his team got great plans and a lot of work for whole year to make this tournament the toughest HMB-event in USA. We wish him luck and will be waiting for the next International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» -2017.


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1st-4th July
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