Girls-participants talk about World Championship in HMB Soft
On the World Championship we watched what a wonderful and passionate girls-champions grow up in the HMB movement! Girls showed a high level of skills and good preparation. We got many positive emotions watching their performances. Now we enjoying their nice reviews about the tournament.   Chursinova Svetlana from “Tannenberg” club (Russia) became a golden […]
30 Nov 2017 12:28
Comments from participants about World Championship in HMB Soft
In Prague we have observed of future outstanding champions in HMB sport with a big pleasure! Juniors are well trained, motivated and cheerful. They have plans to train more, take part in different tournaments and seize “those huge beautiful cups”, as they call it! They impressed everyone with their performance! We asked some of them […]
29 Nov 2017 14:08
Results of “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017
25th of November 2017 Prague held the “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” – the first world championship in this sporting direction of HMB. More than 60 young athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France, Austria and other countries came to the tournament. We’ve already published the results of this tournament. Now we want […]
28 Nov 2017 18:35
Country in numbers – the story of Slovakia
From time to time each of us needs to rest well and recharge ourselves, and then to jump into action with doubled energy. HMB-community of Slovakia is taking this necessary pause for recovering strengths. At the end of 2017 all the participants in medieval battles will gather for the standard annual meeting, which probably will […]
28 Nov 2017 13:59
“Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017 came to the end
Here is the results of “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017 in Prague (Czech Republic) in all age categories. Male 12-13 years 1. Vasilev Sevastian (Fencing Club MARV, Volgograd, Russia) 2. Virolainen Daniel (Tannenberg, Kondopoga, Russia) 3. Shuev Artem (Knyazhiy Styag, Kolomna, Russia) 14-15 years 1. Ivan Mikhailov (Peresvet, St.Petersburg, Russia) 2. Schelokov Gleb […]
26 Nov 2017 01:09
“Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017 at it’s peak!
At the moment in Prague, the First HMB Soft World Championship among children and teenagers is in full swing. There have already been fights in the women’s category of all age groups in the nomination “Shield and Sword”. All the present coaches, organizers and team members warmly supported their girls. The participants themselves demonstrated a […]
25 Nov 2017 16:43
First HMB Soft World Championship has started in Prague!
This is significant event for all HMB movement. 60 participants with their coaches and support groups, who is represent 20 teams from 10 countries worldwide are coming to the tournament. The most sincerely and highest intensively combats will be held today. Because children can’t to do anything in a half of capacity. There will be […]
25 Nov 2017 15:29
How to show ultimately spectacular combat in the list?
Do you want your fight to stick to memory not only by your team-mates and opponents but by audience visiting HMB events? How to show a really beautiful, adrenaline performance in the list, which will be discussed a long time ahead? We have asked for advice and best techniques the most experienced fighters from different […]
24 Nov 2017 21:20
Gao Peng, China: “….the audience was impressed!”
Chinese people will never forget November 2017, because they saw HMB buhurt fighters in action and were really impressed. It was Chinese medieval carnival called “Han-Fu Cultural Festival” in Xitang Town – a famous attraction in China with many ancient buildings. The right place to see something really great! Gao Peng, a fighter from team […]
24 Nov 2017 15:40
Edouard Eme’s election promise
Elections of the new HMBIA President is getting closer. We (HMBIA News) propose to familiarize yourself with Edouard Eme’s election program and his vision of further HMBIA development. Edouard Eme’s HMBIA development program for the nearest 5 years: • Set the IOC criterias as a base for the structuration and development standards of HMBIA, aiming […]
24 Nov 2017 11:08
“… our club dominates in Czech HMB scene” – Tomas Gajdosik
Today you will find out a lot of interesting about “SKSKBP” HMB-club from Praha (Czech Republic). The most important thing is that its full name is so hard to spell: Sportovní klub st?edov?kého kontaktního boje Praha. But its ok in English – Sport club of medieval contact fighting Prague. We had a fantastic conversation with […]
23 Nov 2017 15:31
Fontana – Italian guy with Argentina
HMBIA News continue to tell our audience about the “Dynamo Cup”-2017 participants. This time we can find out about Roberto Fontana`s plans for one of the toughest tournament in the world.   This italian guy will fight as a mercenary in argentinian team. He told us that he is training hard to be in a […]
22 Nov 2017 14:51
Antonio De Zio – a candidate for the HMBIA President position
HMBIA News invites everyone to get to know with candidates for the HMBIA President position better. Our current hero – Antonio De Zio, the captain of the National Italian HMB team. He smiles warmly and hits strongly. With his rich experience and deep involving into organizational part of HMB, Antonio is a great choice as […]
21 Nov 2017 19:15
НМВ Soft workshop in UK – results of the event
On the18th of November in Sheffield (UK) the first ??? Soft workshop of the series with such seminars was held. The HMBIA marshal supervisor Sergey Myasishchev led this event. The seminar included a theoretical part – the basic information about HMB Soft, the most popular teaching methods and safety techniques, discussion of the rules for […]
21 Nov 2017 15:33
“PLWR Sieradz” – high-level fights
“PLWR Sieradz” tournament under the Buhurt League took place on 18th of November in Poland. It gathered together best Polish HMB-teams and dilutes this cocktail with 3 teams from abroad. The Vice-president of Polish HMB League Piotr Celei evaluate current tournament as one of best event in 6 year history of Polish league – “Polska […]
21 Nov 2017 13:27
“Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”-2017 is coming!
25th of November in Prague, Czech Republic will be held “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” – 2017. This is the competition for HMB-clubs and schools. Sportsmen will fight in “Sword and Shield” nomination in three male and three female categories: 1) children 12-13 years old; 2) teenagers 14-15 years old; 3) teenagers 16-17 years […]
20 Nov 2017 21:47



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