“Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017 came to the end

26 Nov 2017 01:09

Here is the results of “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017 in Prague (Czech Republic) in all age categories.

12-13 years
1. Vasilev Sevastian (Fencing Club MARV, Volgograd, Russia)
2. Virolainen Daniel (Tannenberg, Kondopoga, Russia)
3. Shuev Artem (Knyazhiy Styag, Kolomna, Russia)

14-15 years
1. Ivan Mikhailov (Peresvet, St.Petersburg, Russia)
2. Schelokov Gleb (Knyazhiy Styag, Kolomna, Russia)
3. Maroz Danil (Excalibur, Moscow, Russia)

16-17 years
1. Ilia Maliugin (Peresvet, St.Petersburg, Russia)
2. Alexander Mischenko (Tannenberg, Kondopoga, Russia)
3. Roman Eksuzian (Peresvet, St.Petersburg, Russia)

12-13 years
1. Lada Stetsenko (Sword, Petrozavodsk, Russia)
2. Maria Shilova (Tannenberg, Kondopoga, Russia)
3. Wiktoria Sosna (Orzesze Niepokorni, Orzesze, Poland)

14-15 years
1. Sofiya Maroz (Excalibur, Moscow, Russia)
2. Anastasia Koroleva (Knyazhiy Styag, Kolomna, Russia)
3. Daria Ba?czyk (Orzesze Niepokorni, Orzesze, Poland)

16-17 years
1. Chursinova Svatlana (Tannenberg, Kondopoga, Russia)
2. Lappo Alina (Sword, Petrozavodsk, Russia)
3. Iargina Anastasia (Northern Wolf, Arkhangelsk, Russia)

HMBIA News will publish more details of this historical tournament soon.

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