Girls-participants talk about World Championship in HMB Soft

30 Nov 2017 12:28
On the World Championship we watched what a wonderful and passionate girls-champions grow up in the HMB movement! Girls showed a high level of skills and good preparation. We got many positive emotions watching their performances. Now we enjoying their nice reviews about the tournament.
Chursinova Svetlana from “Tannenberg” club (Russia) became a golden winner in female 16-17 years old category. A strong fighter, she took the 2nd place in European Championship before.

“I enjoyed the tournament a lot. It memorable for me that I seized the 1st place and became the World Champion!

The most interesting rival was Alina Lappo from “Sword” club, Russia. I have made every effort to down her. I was tired a lot as the event was very emotional. But I will continue my HMB training”.

Koroleva Anastasia won the 2nd place in female 14-15 years old category. She is from experienced “Knyazhiy Styag” club (Russia). Students from this club have performance in different HMB tournaments, and Anastasia participated in Russian and European Championships before.

“I have enjoyed the tournament. Prizes were very beautiful, and it was a pleasure to walk around beautiful city Prague!

It was interesting to work with every participant, to feel the full set of emotions, and to experience something new. I was happy for everyone and haven’t felt any jealousy. Of course, everyone wanted to win those outstanding prizes. But main is participation, not victory!

I have made friends with rivals, we talked a lot and found out something new. I really want to come here again and finally seize that huge beautiful cup!”

Wiktoria Sosna from the “Orzesze Niepokorni” club (Poland) took the 3rd place in female 12-13 years old category. She is so young, but takes part in HMB tournaments already 2 years in a row!

«I enjoyed the tournament very much. I remember the moment when I was awarded the diploma, and others started to applaud.

Every time I get a medal I feel my training effort is not senseless.

For me, every opponent is interesting, because everyone shows different technique and different fight school. What I do to beat them – I try to give myself 100%. And I would like to take 1st place in the tournament like this in future!”

HMBIA News thanks the girls for the wonderful inspirational performances and for their sincerity, and wishes great victories in the future!

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