Edouard Eme’s election promise

24 Nov 2017 11:08

Elections of the new HMBIA President is getting closer. We (HMBIA News) propose to familiarize yourself with Edouard Eme’s election program and his vision of further HMBIA development.

Edouard Eme’s HMBIA development program for the nearest 5 years:

• Set the IOC criterias as a base for the structuration and development standards of HMBIA, aiming for IOC recognition.

• Remodel the HMBIA status according to this goal and the new worldwide federative guidelines.

• Help every nation willing to take part in HMB to create a national federation and a national team.

Assist national organizations in setting up the new standard frame for national federations and their recognition.

Resolution of split situations and conflicts in concerned countries.

• To continue with procedures and responsibilities chain development for every spectrum of HMBIA’s actions following and improving the clearness and transparency criteria of HMBIA.

• Control and improve the Buhurt League system, namely in the requirements, their monitoring, clubs performance and stats, add a prognostic platform for fans.

• Work on smoother communication between marshals/authenticity officers and fighters representatives with more understandable, pedagogic guidelines.

Communicate more officially namely on the board’s decisions and positions, through established channels or official platforms (especially the website), between official entities as well as with the public.

• Explore new financing and promotional opportunities with brands, companies, institutions and medias (sponsoring, partnerships, production, exposure…) for HMBIA’s benefit as well as federated organizations and fighters.
Financial goal: the fighters don’t have to pay from their pocket to attend the BotN anymore.
Promotional goal: HMB is live on TV and everyone knows about it.

• Allow more non-fighters to get involved by creating sub-sections to the development committee: namely one dedicated to communication and one to human resources to recruit and manage volunteers.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania