“PLWR Sieradz” – high-level fights

21 Nov 2017 13:27
“PLWR Sieradz” tournament under the Buhurt League took place on 18th of November in Poland. It gathered together best Polish HMB-teams and dilutes this cocktail with 3 teams from abroad.

The Vice-president of Polish HMB League Piotr Celei evaluate current tournament as one of best event in 6 year history of Polish league – “Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich”.

Piotr Celei:
“From sports side, the event was amazing – very aligned level of fighting and really tough teams. Good news is there wasn’t many injuries. It’s a sign that fighters improve their equipment. Safety is one of important things so we’re pleased with that. We got teams from 4 countries and we have held a lot of good sports fighting”.

At the same time the organizers noticed the poor side of the event – not many suppoters in the hall. So improving the communication site is an aim for the next year.

Winning of well-known and strong “Zapadnaya Bashnia” team from Russia wasn’t surprise. Real “dark horse” was team “The Brotherhood” from Denmark. At least they’re on 4th place, but their fights were awesome. No one gets easy with them. One of the most spectacular performance showed KS Rycerz, leaders of Polish league and their fighters Krzysztof “Olo” Olczak and Artur Patalas. They do a good job both in tactics and critical hits.

Buhurt League brand gave the tournament additional good impulse and made it more upmarket event. Piotr explained more details: “The Buhurt League helped to get some new teams to “PLWR Sieradz” tournament. That was a motivation for Polish teams too. We see this through the participation of teams from Sieradz and Sierotki. Also I would like to emphasize that marshals made a lot of work to check out all weapons and to keep an eyes on respecting whole rules during combats”.

HMBIA News wishes this event to increase more and more next years.

At the end we would like to share the final results.

“5 vs 5” category:

1st place – “Zapadnia Baszta” (RUS)
2nd place – “Silesia” (POL)
3rd place – “KSR 1” (POL)
4th place – “The Brotherhood” (DEN)
5th place – “Warsaw Hunters” (POL)
6th place – “Fabryka ?wi?” (POL)
7th place – “Sierotki 1” (POL)
8th place – “MFC Slezko” (CZE)
9th place – “Orzesze” (POL)
10th place – “Warmia i Mazury” (POL)
11th place – “KSR 2” (POL)
12th place – “Sierotki 2” (POL)
13th place – “Von Massow” (POL)

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania