Results of “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft”- 2017

28 Nov 2017 18:35
25th of November 2017 Prague held the “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” – the first world championship in this sporting direction of HMB. More than 60 young athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, France, Austria and other countries came to the tournament.

We’ve already published the results of this tournament.

Now we want to tell you about the organizers and marshals’ impressions. One of the organizers and the chief marshal of the competition Ali Askerov (Russia) told us about the Championship and about the future of this sport event.

Ali Askerov:
“The tournament was held at the highest level both in organizational moments and in terms of marshaling. This event was held strictly according to the rules and without delays. There were many good fighters and spectacular battles! Especially I would like to mention a fighter from Austria in group 16-17 Matteo INGEGNERI, who fought for the first time in the tournament and showed a very high level of fencing. The guy reached the playoffs. These juniors are very pleased and inspire confidence in the active development of our sport in Europe.”

Sergey Myasishchev, Marshal Supervisor HMBIA also noticed the high level of the Championship. In addition, as an experienced marshal, he highly appreciated the work of his colleges, who worked during the tournament.

Sergey Myasishchev:
“The event in Prague is the first experience of holding such a large-scale competition on HMB Soft. On the beauty and passions of duels, such competitions are not inferior to “adult” tournaments. As a Marshal Supervisor of HMBIA I can say that the marshals team has coped with their job. The Knight marshals worked very well: the chief marshal Ali Askerov (Russia) and Maciej Reihl (Poland). The line marshals also showed themselves as qualified specialists, the secretariat quickly and clearly prepared all the necessary protocols. All these factors helped to hold the event in the strict compliance with the timetable and without delay.”

Of course, the main figures of any tournament are sportsmen. According to Sergey Myasishchev, all the guys showed excellent moral and strong-willed qualities, fought to the end and wanted to win. Also, Sergei noted that the level of athletes was different. However, HMBIA News are confident that training and fighting experience will undoubtedly increase the level of athletes.

Sergey Myasishchev:
“Now HMB Soft is just beginning to develop as an international competitive discipline, the level of technical and tactical training is still very different. Some participants looked like fully formed athletes, but others were just making first steps toward their future victories. I am sure that due to the support of HMBIA, the organization of such sports events, as well as training seminars, the level of training of young fighters will grow everywhere very soon.”

Organizers promised to do everything possible to ensure that the tournament “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” will be a traditional one. Ali Askerov told about his plans for the future of the Championship:
“We, as organizers, not only plan to host the tournament in 2018, but will also strive to increase the number of participating countries, we have someone to equal on this issue, I mean the” Battle of Nations”. Also there will be steps to popularize this tournament among the spectators. We will start working in this direction as soon as we will have a little rest after such a rich weekend. I would like to congratulate all of the prize-winners once again – you guys are the best and you deserve this title!”

Sergey Myasishchev also congratulated the participants of the tournament with their victories and expressed confidence that the children will have a great future in HMB-sport:
“I want to wish success to those who have already started their journey in the HMB since childhood. All the participants of the tournament got the most important victory – they won battles over themselves, they came out and fought, I am sure that any HMB national team will gladly take into their ranks young fighters, who passed HMB Soft school.”

HMBIA News also sure that the children will have a great sport future and the tournament “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” will only gain momentum in the coming years to show again and again such exciting fights!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania