Gao Peng, China: “….the audience was impressed!”

24 Nov 2017 15:40
Chinese people will never forget November 2017, because they saw HMB buhurt fighters in action and were really impressed. It was Chinese medieval carnival called “Han-Fu Cultural Festival” in Xitang Town – a famous attraction in China with many ancient buildings. The right place to see something really great! Gao Peng, a fighter from team Half-ton of Hub?n HMB-club told HMBIA News a really interesting story about this event.

Gao Peng:
“Organizers of the Festival invited us to make some buhurt fight as a program. We did “3vs3″ buhurt, “1vs1″ duel and some live interaction with people, let them know about historical medieval battles. Those fights were for victory, but a bit friendly cause we were all from one team Half-ton, which has just registered in the Buhurt League”.

During the Festival Gao was telling people about the basic rules, history of buhurt and about the fighters. But many people already knew them because HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”- 2017 in Barcelona, they saw Chinese team fights and said “WOW! That’s the guys who fought in Barcelona!

Gao Peng:
I invited some people to try hit our fighters using buhurt weapon. They really liked it, the audience was impressed. Many people have been starting interested in buhurt, one of them is a celebrity! Famous Chinese cartoonist Lu Ming decided to join us!”.

That`s a great news! HMBIA and our editorial office are glad that there is such an interest to HMB-sport in China. Hope that China will show themselves in all the nominations during HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Italy.


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