How to show ultimately spectacular combat in the list?

24 Nov 2017 21:20
Do you want your fight to stick to memory not only by your team-mates and opponents but by audience visiting HMB events? How to show a really beautiful, adrenaline performance in the list, which will be discussed a long time ahead? We have asked for advice and best techniques the most experienced fighters from different countries.

The formula of any spectacular combat is movement + beautiful wrestling.

Krzysztof Olchak, a fighter of “KS Rycerz” club, a leader of Polish HMB league, tells that marshals must have an authority to stop combat in a case fighters do nothing: «Everyone likes to observe active fighters, not the ones just standing on the field and holding each other. That’s why, in my opinion, of course, we need more judges, who are not afraid to interfere and break the fight if it’s nothing happening there for 10 seconds».

What are the other components of a spectacular combat? Active moving in the list. Fast and numerous hits. Beautiful wrestling such as hitting by legs, knees, “pile ups” and throws. The favourite wrestling of Krzysztof is low kicking the legs of running opponents, when they just don’t know what happened.

Ilias Vyshutin, the Ukrainian team captain, advices to watch carefully for your own activity in the list and don’t miss the agility: “If fighters only walk in the list and make one hit for the whole combat – it is not spectacular. When fighters strike variously, not only with weapons but also with their feet, when they perform different “pile ups”– this is a good job. Of course, it is much better than “hugging”.

Ilias likes showy throws when you manage to turn the opponent upside down before laying him down to the ground.

And public will always appreciate sparks flying from crosses of swords!

Besides, spectacular combat is always finished quickly. The ideal duration is 20-30 seconds in buhurt combats. These are movement combats where fighters are move and hit a lot and less stay near the edges.

Russians clubs and teams demonstrate the most spectacular shows. No wonder, because this country has a rich experience in mass battles. Ilias describes observations by Russian fighters: “If they fight, they immediately make either a throw or a bandwagon, or another acrobatic trick with their rival”.

We asked Nikita Vostorgin, a fighter of the Bern club, who won the title of the best fighter at the tournament “Steel Bear” in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) about secret kinds of wrestling. Nikita tells: “As in any sport, in HMB your task is to catch an opponent, and the more sophisticated and insane the trick, the higher the level of entertainment”.

For HMB as a young and promising sport it is important to involve to the movement not only the direct participants – fighters, but also sincere and devoted fans. Support from outside of the list is very important. Krzysztof reminisced: “Last week on Buhurt League tournament I heard people shouting our club name and that gave me strength for fighting for longer time. It helps a lot when you have good reacting audience”.

At the same time, he advices not to forget about the sports component:

“I know that spectacular fights are crucial to our audience. But we should not forget it’s the sport competition and our target is to win not to just give a fair show. Combination of being entertaining and effective in the fight is the best, and the world top fighters have these skills. If average skills of individual HMB-fighters will grow as fast as it does now, our sport have nothing to worry about being enough entertaining”.

HMBIA News is pretty sure that in the nearest future the number of spectacular combats will only increase, and the popularity of HMB-sport in the world will grow.

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