Comments from participants about World Championship in HMB Soft

29 Nov 2017 14:08
In Prague we have observed of future outstanding champions in HMB sport with a big pleasure! Juniors are well trained, motivated and cheerful. They have plans to train more, take part in different tournaments and seize “those huge beautiful cups”, as they call it! They impressed everyone with their performance! We asked some of them told us about their impressions, what they thought about their participating and their emotions of championship.

Vasiliev Sevastian from “Marv” club (Russia) do HMB and modern sword battles (MSB). Before this championship he participated in European MSB Championship twice and won prizes there. In Prague, he took the 1-st place in “male 12-13 years old” category:

“I liked the tournament with no doubts. I liked the hall, checkrooms. Award ceremony was the most memorable for me. Prizes were really cool, especially the jacket and the cup. The most interesting combat was with Daniel from “Tannenberg” club from Russia. In future I will do my best for attending cool HMB Soft and MSB tournaments”.

Malyugin Iliya from “Peresvet” club (Russia) took the 1st place in “Male 16-17 years old” category. He compared HMB Soft Championship with European Championship, and emphasized that in Prague everything was more high-scale and dynamically:

“How such a huge scale event can’t be memorable?! It was the first World HMB Soft Championship for juniors, it is memorable for me, and I could managed to reach it and took part in such a valuable tournament! First battle was quite complicated, because my rival was left-hander like me too. We aren’t comfortable rivals for everyone, and to fight with each other was even more “funny”. To become the winner I have trained a lot. Thanks to my club mates, I managed to take part in this tournament and to win. I couldn’t do it without their help. I have tired, but from emotional wringer. I had enough power to fight more!

I will not disclose all my plans for future. I would say that I would like to perform in armor, this is only time-question. And of course, I want to turn my dream into life.”

Shelokov Gleb from “Kniagyi stiag” club (Russia) proud of his HMB-anniversary coming soon – on the 8th of January 2018 it will be two years he does this sport. Gleb won the 2nd place in HMB Soft Championship in the “Male 14-15 years old” category:

“The tournament was good and well organized. The most interesting fighter for me was Ivan Mikhailov, whom I let have the 1st place. I hope to beat him next time! Before HMB Soft World Championship I participated in European Championship in Minsk (Belarus) and in selective tournaments in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Also I took part in “Dmitriy Donskoy” Cup in the “newcomers” category. So I’m planning to switch to steel weapon in future. Thank you a lot for the tournament”.

HMBIA News thanks all the participants for the positive emotions we experienced together and wishes great victories in the future!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania