There is Battle of the Nations-2014 schedule!
  Dear friends! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the schedule of the World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014. The timetable of battles and other events of the Championship (from Opening Ceremony till award ceremony and celebrating) are available here: Schedule of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 Central lists 11:00-14:00 – […]
06 Jun 2014 15:54
Organizers of Battle of the Nations-2014 will take care of guests’ and participants’ health
Organizers of Battle of the Nations-2014 will take care of the festival’s guests’ and participants’ health within the Championship. The information was given by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations. “Two medical teams will be constantly on duty at the festival. In case of need, and we hope that nothing extraordinary happens, […]
06 Jun 2014 12:49
Brand Lancaster: “We want to be champions in the future, and you can’t be one unless you fight against champions”
People of HMB movement Brand Lancaster, captain of National team of USA      …concerning his Team and HMB sport We are new people for HMB movement. Most of the guys of our team have never fought. Sounds funny, but it’s true. I mean a lot of them have attended some festivals, but they have never […]
06 Jun 2014 01:01
Mikhail Morgulis, Israel: “Of course, we want to be in the top ten”
The membership is nice this year, many guys have increased their level. They train at home, they all do physical exercises suitable for their physical development. Even those who lacked fitness last year have managed to improve their level. The guys leapt ahead. And when the fighters are in good physical form, it’s easier for […]
05 Jun 2014 14:42
Alberto Baal Jimenez: “One of our strongest fighters is our blacksmith”
We have 16 fighters in the association, but for economic reasons we’ll bring only 7 to the tournament, we also have a female fighter but unfortunately she won’t be able to go this year. At this competition we will only participate in the “5 vs 5” category, we hope we will be able to bring […]
05 Jun 2014 11:36
Members of Team New Zealand go to Europe to learn
New knowledge, skills and experience is the aim of the European tour members of the National Team of New Zealand will take. Their “educational” tour will last for about six weeks. Within that time, Rob McIntyre and his comrades will visit four countries, namely Austria, Croatia, Poland and Luxembourg. “Our next fight will take place […]
05 Jun 2014 09:33
Yevgeny Baranov: “We have many well-motivated young fighters”
We will take about forty-five participants, three full-fledged five-member units, a team for the “21 vs 21″ category, enough men for triathlon and one woman for the women’s “duel” category to Battle of the Nations. The Championship will show how good our preparation is. We live in a small country where not everyone wants to […]
04 Jun 2014 10:23
Andy Di Francesco: “We have to bust prejudices. We have to involve as many as possible interested people to this movement”
People of HMB movement Andy Di Francesco, captain of National team of Argentina       …concerning her Team This year we have improved our technique. We have trained a lot. And now we are more prepared than last year, but we still one of the youngest teams and we need more experience. We want to learn […]
03 Jun 2014 16:27
Corporate T-shirts “Battle of the Nations”
Corporate T-shirts “Battle of the Nations”, which you can buy at our festival! June 12-15, 2014 Trogir (Croatia) World Championship of Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014 During the festival you will have the opportunity to buy design t-shirts “Battle of the Nations”. Unique t-shirts and a lot of various souvenir produce. Created by […]
03 Jun 2014 13:30
Battle of the Nations-2014 ticket prices have been revealed
Adult ticket will cost 80 Croatian kunas (about 11 euros), 50 kunas (about 7 euros) is the cost of children’s ticket. The prices are stated for 1-day tickets. Note that the “children” category has the age limit, namely from 5 to 12 years. Children under 5 get free admission (with parents). If you do not […]
03 Jun 2014 13:13
Juri Lönn, Finland: “As a team, we are very eager to experience us at the World Championship”
The HMB movement was properly introduced to us, Finns, early this year. And since then we have been working really hard to make a team for “Battle of the Nations.” At first it seemed like an impossible task due to armor prices and the lack of preparation time, but we did deal with this and […]
02 Jun 2014 14:19
Croatia will represent its National Team in Trogir on June 3
Presentation of the HMB Team Croatia will take place in Trogir (Croatia) on June 3, Tuesday. The Team will be presented to the press by Matija Djanješic, the captain. We remind you that the Croats are debutants of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations.” Nevertheless, the “checkered” are determined and expect, at least, […]
02 Jun 2014 14:14
“Hi-Tech” Middle Ages at “Battle of the Nations”-2014
According to the organizers of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014, the whole festival territory will be covered with Wi-Fi. Medieval warriors and ordinary civilians will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of cultural and sports festival, and have an opportunity to communicate via the Internet and use social networks. Any person who […]
02 Jun 2014 12:11
Matija Djanješić: «As it is our first tournament, every defeat and every victory will be a good lesson»
People of HMB movement Matija Djanješi?, captain of National team of Croatia …concerning his Team, and surprising of “Battle of the Nations” in Croatia   There are several reenactment groups in Croatia representing different periods, different medieval times. When I started practising reenactment I had already knew about “Battle of the Nations” (it was 5 years […]
02 Jun 2014 09:26
Battle of the Nations-2014. Medieval atmosphere in the medieval town
Organizers of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 pay maximum attention to creation of an atmosphere of the Middle Ages at the tournament. The information was conveyed by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations. “We’re actively preparing the site for the festival. Grass has been sown already, barriers are being […]
01 Jun 2014 10:00
Participants of Battle of the Nations-2014 know their rivals
On the eve of 30 of May in Trogir (Croatia) a draw of the World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 took place. The opponent is known, so fighters and teams can build tactic and strategy for the tournament,- thanks to the new playoff system, fighters can predict the next pair on their own. What about […]
31 May 2014 14:53



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