Members of Team New Zealand go to Europe to learn

05 Jun 2014 09:33

New knowledge, skills and experience is the aim of the European tour members of the National Team of New Zealand will take. Their “educational” tour will last for about six weeks. Within that time, Rob McIntyre and his comrades will visit four countries, namely Austria, Croatia, Poland and Luxembourg.

Our next fight will take place in Austria. Then we go to “Battle of the Nations”-2014 to Croatia, and then a few guys and I go to Poland. There we hope to train with as many people and clubs as possible. From Poland I travel to Luxembourg, where I will participate in official professional fights. They will be the first professional fights where New Zealand will be represented. Next I go back to Poland for “Grunwald”, which is an experience we are all looking forward to. I hope to learn a lot, and it’s not just about the art of duel, but also tactics, we also hope to observe and learn new training schemes. As a result, I will return to New Zealand with a lot of new ideas and things to help HMB sport develop in our country,” said McIntyre.

Rob McIntyre admitted that he wants to become familiar with the culture and history of the countries he’s going to visit. For that, New Zealanders will visit museums, exhibitions and other interesting sporting and cultural events in central Europe. The guys ask to keep them informed about interesting events via social networks or by phone.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania