Poland has a special goal for botnX
The Polish national team traditionally one of the strongest of the world. They usually compete in all fighting categories of the Championship. This year is no exception. National team captain Sławomir Smolarczyk told HMBIA News that this year Poland will be represented in all categories. But the main goal for the HMB World Championship Battle […]
29 Mar 2019 12:06
Robin Lundström (Sweden):… this year we are stronger
HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 is the second edition for the Swedish National team. Santa Severa showed them directions of self development and swedish HMB athletes did their best. This year they will participate in 5 vs 5 male and Longsword female duel category. Also they are planning to be mercenary in […]
27 Mar 2019 15:22
Charlemagne banner for 150vs150
Another banner for fighting in the most massive, spectacular and exciting category of HMB fights for Battle of the Nations 2019 is formed! Meet Charlemagne! Under the name of the great emperor of the past, the conqueror and enlightener of Charles I the Great formidable fighters from the national teams of France, the Netherlands and […]
27 Mar 2019 11:39
Call the banners! Red Dragon goes first
To all national teams and fighters! We’re happy to introduce the first Banner for 150 vs 150 battle! Please, meet Red Dragon! Banner includes fighters from several national teams such as UK, Belarus, Moldova and Israel. We remind you that Banner fighters can be the members of national teams, as well as fighters outside of […]
26 Mar 2019 01:18
Luxembourg is with us!
Misch Mühlen will represent Luxembourg on his own at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate his fighting skills and give him all our support. We will see him in duel Sword and Shield category and as a mercenary in 30 vs 30 and 150 vs […]
24 Mar 2019 22:10
Frédéric Lepault (France) :I hope i will build the best teams with the best synergy
This weekend is very important for HMB movement in France as the National team for the HMB World  Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 will be formed by its captain Frédéric Lepault. 2019 is the first year as the captain for Frédéric, but he already has plans. “Our plan is to be on the 30 […]
24 Mar 2019 01:14
Brazil is ready to fight!
Brazil is ready to go to Serbia and fight! According to João Zerbinatti, a new captain of the National team, brazilians will show themselves in several HMB categories, such as 5 vs 5, 30 vs 30, duels and profight. “The selection for all categories was made using a national ranking we call the tropical league. […]
22 Mar 2019 22:47
Regulations for Group Battles 150 vs 150
Attention! Regulations of the mass battles 150 vs150 are available in the corresponding section of the site. We ask all participants of the HMB movement, regardless of position, to carefully read HERE
21 Mar 2019 15:43
Non-fighting categories at Battle of the Nations 2019
At Battle of the Nations X in Serbia, the Authenticity Committee will be having multiple contests and awards for various aspects of the event. Only national teams and their civil participants will be allowed to compete. The Best Individual Authentic Armour (unisex) Judges will be AC Officers, the HMBIA President, and Vice-President.  We will also […]
20 Mar 2019 17:42
HMB Soft Camp – champions are raised here
The tenth anniversary of Battle of the Nations now promises to become not just the most anticipated event of the HMB community around the world, but a turning point for the formation of the entire movement for the next years.   At the time of writing, a record number of countries have declared their intent […]
16 Mar 2019 00:26
Fan Tour to Battle of the Nations: have a good and useful rest!
Dearfriends! The May holidays are not only the time for the World Championship in historical medieval battle, but also an excellent opportunity to have a vacation in sunny and hospitable Serbia. This is understood not only by us, but also by a huge number of other people, and this means that flight tickets to this […]
15 Mar 2019 16:16
Press accreditation for Battle of the Nations 2019!
All journalists, photographers, press and other representatives of any media. We would like to inform you that press accreditation is obligatory for work at the Battle ofthe Nations 2019. You can get it by filling out the form. Battle of the Nations is the biggest event of the year within the global HMB movement. The […]
11 Mar 2019 16:35
Norway makes its Battle of the Nations debut
Battle of the Nations sees its 10th edition this year and once again more countries have joined the already impressive list of participants. One of the newcomers in this celebratory edition is the land of the Viking spirit: Norway. HMBIA News spoke with their captain, Anders Gjestad Rugsveen. “The sport has been in Norway for […]
10 Mar 2019 23:16
We are proud to invite vendors to participate
Dear craftsmen, artisans and traders, We welcome you to join us in celebration of the most eagerly anticipated event for all the HMB community – the 10th edition of the world championship Battle of the Nations.   This year the wonderful location of our event gives us a magnificent opportunity to create a unique atmosphere […]
08 Mar 2019 13:44
HMB Soft for RECON fest: buhurts and duels
The fights of the tournament will last all 2 days of the festival. The team battles following the HMB Soft 5×5 rules will open the soft competition. Although buhurts in soft armour are an invention from 2018, they’ve already managed to capture the hearts of young athletes and spectators alike. With the HMB soft buhurts […]
26 Feb 2019 21:38
RECON awaits… in just a few days!
Very soon, the military history festival RECON will open its doors for St. Petersburg citizens and visitors. This year the festival will be held on March 2-3 in the 7th pavilion of the LENEXPO complex. RECON is the most anticipated HMB tournament in Russia, because its results will form the national team of the country […]
24 Feb 2019 10:37



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