Women’s all vs all – in the footsteps of amazons and valkyries

02 Apr 2019 14:27
Though the women’s league is not yet big enough to field a mass battle category like the 150 vs 150, they too will get their share of epic mass battles at the Battle of the Nations 10th anniversary. Two alliances of more than 25 athletes each have joined under the management of UK’s Jo Booth and USA’s Hannah Cherie Hudson. When the teams are fully formed, the captains will be chosen through a fighters vote.

The concept of All vs All has yielded mixed results in the past. Often few to none fighters would show up. That’s why strong alliances have been formed. The two all-female armies will battle each other on the fields of BotN X.
To commemorate what may well become the biggest women’s mass battle ever, special medals have been designed. This would not have been possible without a generous donation by Palmetto Knights from the USA. The Palmetto Knights have always been a strong supporter of women’s battles. We are grateful for their support.

Though the category already promises to be a grand melee, it can grow even bigger. We call on every female fighter who wants to join this battle to contact either Jo or Hannah as soon as possible, but wednesday the 3rd of april at the latest.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania