Romania – “Every battle is a lesson and we want to learn”

03 Apr 2019 23:37
Battle of the Nations celebrates its 10th anniversary, and more new countries have joined the party. One of those new participants is a country so rich in history that it’s surprising they haven’t sent a team before; Romania. HMBIA News spoke to their captain, Adrian Vlad Nicolae. He introduces his team. “Well, our team unites members from the three main HMB clubs in Romania.
Team members are Buhurt enthusiasts with ages ranging from 20 to 45 years and with a wide range of professions. Nevertheless, all our members train with dedication and passion and look forward to BOTN 2019.”
Though we haven’t seen them in the list at Battle of the Nations before, they have had their fair share of tournaments in preparation of their world championship participation. “Our team members participated in numerous national events and tournaments and, also, in some international ones, like Just Out, in Manasija, Serbia, in every year the event was organized. Also, in Bulgaria at a few events and last year in Hungary at the Inkey Gáspár Competition. We can say we have a regional tournament experience”. And with good results too, like a silver medal at the Inkey Gaspar polearm competition and various medals for the fighters that make up the buhurt team. “Our team is a selection of the best fighters at this moment in our country so, i can say that each one of them have had victories in the national tournaments. BotN is a great opportunity for us to expand our competitional experience, to learn from the more seasoned teams, to meet old friends and to make new ones”.
With the best Romanian fighters brought together in the country’s 5×5 team, Romania is ready for battle. “We are open and eager to meet as many teams in the list, because every battle is a lesson and we want to learn.”
Aside from the 5vs5, Romanian vice captain Vlad Torceanu will also enter the Polearm Duels category. Team Romania joined their friends from Serbia in the 30vs30 nomination and are excited about the 150vs150. “We are looking forward to the 150vs150 event. It will be an epic and unique experience.”
We wish the Romanian athletes good fights and even better results.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania