One more way to celebrate! Join Full Plate Tournament!

03 Apr 2019 10:11
Just as you thought your preparations were all set, we have one more captivating offer from the organisation team to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Battle of the Nations: we welcome you all to participate in a knightly tournament in Full Plate Harness!
We are proud to present an experimental project of the duel tournament in Full Plate Harness, which will take place at Battle of the Nations, at the inside of the inner castle of Smederevo Fortress – the most stunning backdrop for this growing movement. Participants are expected to fight in full plate steel armour in 3 categories: Greatsword; Poleaxe; Axe and Rondache.

The story of these duels began in the lists of Battle of the Nations 2011 when Russian knight Sergei Frolov and five warriors of Quebec in white armour crossed greatswords for the first time. It was Sergei who won all of the contests there and he has remained undefeated since then. His newfound friend who fought alongside him, Leonid Manevich, has been standing next to Sergei. They began the history of full contact combats in white armour with two handed swords. Friendship and joint interests became the brotherhood.

Nine long years have passed: new armour has been crafted, new greatswords have been forged, now they are not alone! Their brothers in arms have heeded the call! The noble warriors of the world will come together to fight for what the brave Russian knight started!
They are the Gentlemen-at-Arms. Men in Harness return to world lists challenging all knights in white armour to earn fame and glory! However, this is merely one side of the category: the courageous female warriors of the past will also enter the lists to fight in the Golden Rose Battle! 
We invite you to join the tournament which takes place on 4th and 5th May. We understand that it’s not much time to prepare weapons according to the regulations, but we will provide all weapons. You’ll be able to participate in the open training on the 3rd May to try it out. Also, we’ll set the time according to the schedule of the Battle of the Nations duel categories so they won’t overlap. Check the exact time closer to the date on for Gentlemen-at-Arms (full plate harness: men) and Golden Rose Battle (full plate harness: women).
Fill in the application to join the tournament.
Detailed regulations of the knightly tournament in Full Plate Harness are here
Fighting for the beauty of the fight. Respect of equals. Fortitude. Might of steel. White armour.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania