Frédéric Lepault (France) :I hope i will build the best teams with the best synergy

24 Mar 2019 01:14
This weekend is very important for HMB movement in France as the National team for the HMB World  Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 will be formed by its captain Frédéric Lepault. 2019 is the first year as the captain for Frédéric, but he already has plans.

“Our plan is to be on the 30 vs 30 category, about 5 vs 5 – to be in last phase, and keep our place in the top 5 of best teams. As for 12 vs 12, it’s a new challenge, i think we have a good potential to be among the best teams. Some French fighters test it at Dynamo Cup, and all French fighters tested it during the French Cup at Saint Dizier 2019. I hope I will build the best teams with the best synergy to perform in this 10th edition”.
He told us that the National team in general will be formed from veteran fighters with lots of  experience. This can help to reach their main goal for this year championship – to the Bronze in 30v30  as it was for 21v21 in Barcelona 2017.
“Even if we know it will be a great challenge against Belarus & United Kingdom alliance, Ukraine and of course Russia”.
HMBIA News editorial office can`t wait to see fights of french HMB athletes on the list of the most important HMB event of the year and wish them to good fights!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania