Brazil is ready to fight!

22 Mar 2019 22:47

Brazil is ready to go to Serbia and fight! According to João Zerbinatti, a new captain of the National team, brazilians will show themselves in several HMB categories, such as 5 vs 5, 30 vs 30, duels and profight.

“The selection for all categories was made using a national ranking we call the tropical league. It was my best and biggest base, obviously the final word was mine, but the performance in the tournaments helped a lot”.

This guys already have alliance with the National team of Serbia headed by Александар Добри Урошевић.

Brazilians trained hard all year for the Battle of the Nation 2019. They worked on fighting skills, strategy and armor kits. They know that every detail, every aspect is important in this sport and can help to win.

Its their third HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations and they don’t have plans to stop! Let’s wish them to have good fights, tough opponents and a lot of things to remember!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania