The first duel championship in France! Details are here
For the first time on the 17th-18th of February French selections in duel categories were organized separately from the team fights. The event was called “Behourd Duels – Championnats de France”- 2018. It was organized by the “La Salle d’Armes” HMB club in cooperation with the French Federation. The orgteam of the tournament explained to […]
04 Mar 2018 16:20
HMBIA Announce Partnership with Feudalesimo e Libertà for the Promotion of Battle of the Nations-2018
As logistical confirmations are starting to come through for Battle of the Nations 2018 in Rome, so too are our promotional partnership announcements. HMBIA Vice-President Gavin Stewart has been involved in the negotiations with the popular Italian media publicist Feudalesimo e Libertà (Feudalism and Freedom). “I’ve been following Feudalesimo e Libertà (FeL) on Facebook for […]
02 Mar 2018 17:28
Country in numbers – the story of Austria
HMB-sport began to conquer Austria from its very heart – the beautiful capital of Vienna. It was over 7 years ago. Heinrich Stefan Wurzian, captain of the National team of this country told HMBIA News everything about HMB in Austria. When did the HMB start in Austria? How was it? In 2011 the HMB Movement […]
01 Mar 2018 19:30
REKON-2018: how was it!
On the 23-24 of February St. Peterburg held one of the largest festivals in the world – REKON-2018. It should be noted that the strongest fighters from all over Russia came here to win and become part of the National Team, that was formed following the results of this tournament. HMBIA News asked Ivan Koryagin, […]
28 Feb 2018 23:37
Buhurt Open in Germany – first impressions
“WinterCup”-2018 came to an end and left only good memories. This event was really great – it was the first big Buhurt League tournament in Germany and teams from Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands and France competed in “5 vs 5″ and profights on Saturday and in duels on Sunday. Denise Töpfer and […]
28 Feb 2018 20:32
Results of the Rugir de Dragones 2018
The “Rugir de Dragones 2018″ went quite well. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, Capitain of the National Team of Chile told HMBIA News about it. Fights were carried out normally thanks to the strict and transparent arbitration of the Argentinian Marshals Roxana E. Ruiz de Miauro and Eduardo Miauro. This championship showed that Chile has a […]
26 Feb 2018 19:50
Country in numbers – the story of Switzerland
Everybody knows Switzerland as beautiful and peaceful country with kind and smiling people. But every member of HMB movement knows that there are tough guys with steel weapon in this country! HMBIA News decided to find out about development of HMB sport in this country. So we asked Franco Bianchetti, captain of the National Team […]
25 Feb 2018 18:32
Steel and romance
As you remember, during the World Championship in HMB “Battle of Nations” -2017 in Barcelona, there was a very romantic and unexpected incident right on the list – a fighter of the “Bern” HMB club (St. Petersburg section of “PLK”) Daniil Gorsky asked his beloved girl Yana to marry him. Of course, she said the […]
25 Feb 2018 12:52
Poland almost passed the final stage of qualifying tournaments
On February 17, there was “Buhurt Open Wroclaw”. As HMBIA News found out, there were 14 teams from Poland and the Czech Republic. Female teams were represented as well. The tournament has been included to The Buhurt League system, which means that it will be held according to the standards and rules of historical medieval […]
23 Feb 2018 18:58
Gavin Stewart: “There is a renewed energy in HMBIA…”
Edouard Eme and Gavin Stewart had their first official call the day after Gavin was elected. It was an important conversation between the HMBIA President and Vice President. HMBIA News had an interview with Mr. Stewart. He told us a lot about plans and projects that he discussed with Edouard Eme. Gavin Stewart: “It was […]
22 Feb 2018 18:02
Edouard Eme congratulated Gavin Stewart
President of HMBIA congratulated Gavin Stewart with his new position. Edouard Eme expressed confidence that together they will be able to do a lot for HMB sport. Edouard Eme: “I congratulate Gavin Stewart with his election as Vice President of the HMBIA. I believe that together we will form an effective team for the best […]
20 Feb 2018 18:57
The new Vice President of HMBIA has already elected
Last week representatives of National Federations were solving a very important issue – who will occupy the position of HMBIA Vice-President. In the end, it was decided to support the candidacy of Gavin Stewart – the head of the Development Committee. This morning Gavin Stewart found out about his new position. HMBIA News congratulated him. […]
19 Feb 2018 17:00
Finishing a series of articles about Rome, in which we have already told you which sights are worth visiting, how to enjoy the Italian cuisine and save money on all the above, we decided to invite everyone, who plans to visit the most spectacular event in the HMB world – the World Championship “Battle of […]
18 Feb 2018 18:23
REKON -2018: one of the most large-scale festivals will be held at the end of winter
There is a final of qualifying tournaments on HMB in Russia. The National team of Russia will be formed on the results of the “Recon” military historical festival on February 23-24 in St. Petersburg. This year there will be fights in the following categories: – “5 vs 5″: a final of the first league of […]
17 Feb 2018 19:05
Soares squad: brazilian knights
There are 3 of them – Fernando, Franco and João. They are brothers of arms and in real life. this trinity made a lot for the development and popularization of the HMB movement in Brazil. This guys are members of HMB movement from its very begining in their country. They love to fight and it […]
17 Feb 2018 14:02
Buhurt Open Wrocław: the next stage of qualifying tournaments
Wroclaw will held one of the most important HMB events of a season. On the 17-th of February there will be “Buhurt Open Wroclaw”. As orgcommitee told HMBIA News that there will be over 10 teams from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. 2 of them are female teams from Poland and Czech Republic. The tournament […]
16 Feb 2018 18:09



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