HMBIA Announce Partnership with Feudalesimo e Libertà for the Promotion of Battle of the Nations-2018

02 Mar 2018 17:28

As logistical confirmations are starting to come through for Battle of the Nations 2018 in Rome, so too are our promotional partnership announcements. HMBIA Vice-President Gavin Stewart has been involved in the negotiations with the popular Italian media publicist Feudalesimo e Libertà (Feudalism and Freedom).

“I’ve been following Feudalesimo e Libertà (FeL) on Facebook for years now, since the time I lived in Italy; what they publish is the funniest imperial and medieval themed irony you’ll find on the internet. I’ve watched them grow over the years, and develop a cult following in Italy via Facebook with over 610,000 followers, with their Twitter, Instagram, and English language Feudalism and Freedom Facebook page pulling in thousands of followers too. So when Davide Rospi (MFC Taurus and Italian National Team) introduced me to the team to start negotiations for a partnership, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

At the time I was the Head of the Development Committee, so I had little possibility to authorize such a collaboration, especially as not many people in the former presidium knew who they were or what they did. However, FeL drew up a variety of proposals for HMBIA to discuss, offering some highly professional services that would make Battle of the Nations a stunning event, sharing our vision. They then showed us a preview of a brilliant BotN t-shirt design, and that was it – we HAD to work with them!

They will be using their creative genius to reach out to their legions of followers on social media, who will be able to find the FeL merchandise stand at the Main Area during Battle of the Nations in Rome. In the meantime, HMBIA and FeL will continue to develop projects for not only this year’s Battle of the Nations, but future projects as well – and if you don’t already follow their social media pages, Sparta-kick that ‘like’ button now!

As we can see, preparations for the World Cup in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 are in full swing, HMBIA is gaining new partners, thanks to which more and more people around the world are getting to know and fall in love with HMB sports. Cooperation with such media is another important step in the development of the historical medieval battle and the entire movement as a whole. Let’s follow the FeL and play HMB sport!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania