Steel and romance

25 Feb 2018 12:52
As you remember, during the World Championship in HMB “Battle of Nations” -2017 in Barcelona, there was a very romantic and unexpected incident right on the list – a fighter of the “Bern” HMB club (St. Petersburg section of “PLK”) Daniil Gorsky asked his beloved girl Yana to marry him. Of course, she said the cherished “YES” and under the stormy applause of all those present, Daniil put a ring on her finger.
They did not pull with wedding and on the 12 of September 2017 this couple got married. According to Yana, the wedding was in a classical style. However, Yana noticed that if their children will have a wish to engage in HMB-sport in the future – they will not be discouraged.
Yana Gorskaya:
“We will be glad! And from the first steps they will have medieval costumes to support their dad in the proper way. So, if you see around the list children from the Middle Ages in a few years, these will be Gorsky!”

Of course, that moment in the “Battle of the Nations” in Barcelona became the part of its history. Our editorial office is sincerely happy for this couple and hope to see the little Gorsky in authentic medieval costumes soon.

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