REKON-2018: how was it!

28 Feb 2018 23:37

On the 23-24 of February St. Peterburg held one of the largest festivals in the world – REKON-2018. It should be noted that the strongest fighters from all over Russia came here to win and become part of the National Team, that was formed following the results of this tournament.

HMBIA News asked Ivan Koryagin, who, in particular, compiled tournament standings and recorded the results of the fights, to tell more details about the HMB tournament part of the festival.

Ivan told us that HMB part of the festival began with the “1 vs 1″ fights. It is important to note that all dueling categories there were conducted in strict accordance with the regulations of the HMBIA. In order to fight in the “Triathlon” fighters need to take the first or second places in two categories “1 vs 1″.

Ivan Koryagin:
“Since the best fighters from all over Russia came to REKON, this task was difficult and required a real outstanding skill in the possession of arms and physical endurance. There were practically no surprises in the “Triathlon”, either among men or women, the only unpleasant surprise was the result of Alexei Petrik, who, following the recommendation of the tournament doctors, withdrew from the last fight with Sergey Ukolov and took only third place in the overall results of the battles in the group.”

The results of battles in dueling categories were as follows:

1. Bychikhin Artyom
2. Satrudinov Eduard
3. Solotin Eugeniy

“Sword and Buckler”
1. Solovyanov Sergey
2. Zardinov Alexander
3. Solotin Eugeniy

“Sword and Shield”
1. Solotin Eugeniy
2. Satrudinov Eduard
3. Shilov Innokentiy

1. Ageev Eugeniy
2. Naiderov Aleksey
3. Rusanov Yaroslav

1. Ukolov Sergey
2. Ivanov Ilia
3. Petrik Aleksey

“Sword and Buckler”
1. Meshcheryakova Anastasia
2. Golovina Marina
3. Anisimova Alyona

1. Abdulaeva Alina
2. Derbenyova Tatiana
3. Troshina Elizaveta

1. Meshcheryakova Anastasia
2. Golovina Marina
3. Mishina Anna

“Sword and Shield”
1. Meshcheryakova Anastasia
2. Golovina Marina
3. Smolovskaya Lubov

1. Kohvakko Galina
2. Meshcheryakova Anastasia
3. Vjunova Ksenia

In addition, youth teams came out in the category “3 vs 3″ on the first day of the festival. This is a new format for fighters of less then 25 years. Such a format, according to the common opinion of the Russian HMB-community, will give young fighters the opportunity to improve their fighting skills and gain the necessary experience before moving to battles in the “5 vs 5″ buhut category of the First League.

The results of the “3 vs 3″ fights of the youth teams are as follows:
1. Partisan Junior
2. The Baltic
3. Russian Order Junior 1

Ivan Koryagin:
“The first day of the “REKON” was finished with the fights of the Russin top teams, which was a truly exciting and intriguing spectacle, because the battles were attended by the strongest teams of the largest clubs in Russia, consisting of the best fighters – veterans and winners of numerous HMB tournaments around the world. 5 wins in rounds, this format, as well as desire to become the strongest, made the fighters to stand to the last and cling to each round.”

According to Ivan, the opposition of Black Bear (Bern, Nizhny Novgorod) and Western Tower (Kaliningrad) teams was especially fierce and long.

There are the results of the “5 vs 5″ category:
1. Old Friends
2. Western Tower
3. Bear Paw

The second day of the HMB block of the “REKON” festival was completely given to mass battles in the categories “5 vs 5″ and “15 vs 15″. Since “REKON” is one of the Buhurt League System tournaments with the status of “Buhurt Open” – all teams had to fill in before the start of battles special protocols that confirm their line-ups so that the team could get points in the general rating and this statistics was further taken into account in the overall Buhurt League rating.

In the “5 vs 5″ category there were women’s teams participated as well. This year, 3 female teams fought for the first place and, according to Ivan, showed a very decent level of skill.

There were the only foreign team from Estonia participated. Our journalist asked Nikolay Bykov to tell us about his impressions of the battles: “It was a great and interesting event, it was painful and instructive.Unfortunately, we were not happy with our results. We had something to learn. We fought in the “15 vs 15″ category against the Moscow “Bern”, and in “5 vs 5″ with “PLK” and “Gansa”. But now we know for sure what is worth working on.”

Let us present to your attention the results in the “5 vs 5″ category:

1. Partizan 2
2. PLK
3. Russian Order

1. Katyusha
2. Sarma
3. Aliance

The second day of the competitions in the HMB block ended with fights in the mass category “15 vs 15″. 7 teams competed there for the victory – both consisting of representatives of one club, and club associations. The victory was won by the teams of the club association “Berne”, taking all three prizes.

The results of “15 vs 15″ are:
1. “Bern” Moscow
2. “Bern” St. Petersburg
3. The Black Bear (“Bern” Nizhny Novgorod)

Each fight of the best of the best russian HMB-athletes was exciting and struck by the skill of the fighters. Our editorial office congratulates the winners and, traditionally, waits for the National Team of Russia at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in Rome.


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