Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif – in the name of justice

09 Mar 2018 20:04
Ana lives in Mexico. She is a young and beautiful girl, who loves music – she is a professional cellist, also she composes music for videogames, short movies and works as a conductor. But she has one more passion! Of course, it is the HMB sport. Ana is an international certificated marshal! And here is her story….
Before being involved in HMB, she was a reenactor and used to play music in many medieval events in Mexico. Due to some of her friends, who are HMB fighters now, Ana started following the sport. That was in 2013, when the first Mexican team started to train for the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”, so the girl got involved in the sport as staff. But she decided to help the HMB movement in Mexico in the right way!

Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif:
“As a reenactor I have always loved the Middle Ages. I feel this sport as a perfect balance between the history and culture of the Middle Ages and a highly demanding sport. It is addictive. Since I first learned about the HMB sport I fell in love with it. At first, we did not have marshals in Mexico, it was just staff and fighters who would help as marshals. I saw the need of having proper marshals and saw that I could help the sport grow by becoming one. So, in January, 2015, I offered myself as a marshal and helped to form the marshals team here in Mexico”.

From that time Ana is marshaling all the tournaments in the country. Since 2016 she has a status of an international marshal and very proud of it.
“I was very happy. Firstly, because of all the things that I learned at “Battle of the Nations”-2016 and at the summit at the “Copenhagen Medieval Market” – 2016. Secondly, because it is a way to help the sport I love grow nationally and internationally. The first tournament I worked as a marshal (before being certified) here in Mexico was “Calaveras”-2015. It was also my first tournament as Knight Marshal. My first tournament as an international Marshal was “ITOC”- 2016.

Her family supports her and is proud that Ana became an international Marshal. They also follow the sport and travel to most of the national tournaments. It`s so important to have such a support for everyone and Ana appreciates it.

HMBIA News reporter asked Ana if she wants to be a fighter. We were surprised twice!

Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif:
“I enjoy training and sometimes even putting an armor on and fighting, but I am not going to do it at a competitive level. I love being a marshal and I would not change that. For me, marshaling is also a part of my “real” life. But I would like to combine my music and HMB. I would like to compose music for the sport”.

Ana told us that HMB sport is not just a hobby – it is much bigger! This sport is a part of her life now, and she wants to see it growing and developing. As she noticed: “I am here for the long run!”.

We asked Ana, what she could recommend to others, who want to become marshals. Her answer was short, but right!
“To know the sport and to love the sport! Read the rules, watch videos, get closer to other marshals, ask questions, gain experience by going to tournaments and start working as trainees”.

There is nothing to add! We had a great time having a conversation with Ana. We wish her success in all her projects and can`t wait to see her on the list of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”.

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