Results of the Rugir de Dragones 2018

26 Feb 2018 19:50

The “Rugir de Dragones 2018″ went quite well. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, Capitain of the National Team of Chile told HMBIA News about it. Fights were carried out normally thanks to the strict and transparent arbitration of the Argentinian Marshals Roxana E. Ruiz de Miauro and Eduardo Miauro. This championship showed that Chile has a big progress in the development of HMB Sport. The event was much bigger than during all the previous years.

Christian Andrés Toro Berríos:
“We had for the very first time more than just two Female Fighters in the Female Duel categories “Sword and Buckler” and “Sword and Shield”. We had for the first time a “3 vs 3″ Female Buhurt among the girls of the “Manada Licana” Feminine Infantry of the Batallón Draconia. The masculine fights were quite hard, each fight was very tough and the national movement in general is showing a gradual improvement in its combative level. The Batallón Draconia won all the first places in the Male Duel categories of “Longsword”, “Sword and Buckler” and finally “Sword and Shield”.

According to the National Team Captain, the Buhurts “3 vs 3″ and “5 vs 5″ were hard. Teams fought as a “lions” but the most experienced titular team of “Dragons” showed high class and won even without their Captain, he was injured on the previous training.

So, there are the results of “Rugir de Dragones 2018″:

1. Karla Gatica “Batallón Draconia” HMB Club (tecnical victory).

“Sword and Buckler”
1. Sandra Alfaro “Batallón Draconia”
2. Elizabeth Rivera “Batallón Draconia”
3. Ana Cid “Concilio de Estandartes”.

“Sword and Shield”
1. Ana Cid “Concilio de Estandartes”
2. Elizabeth Rivera “Batallón Draconia”
3. Thabata Molina “Batallón Draconia”.

1. Jaret Bravo “Batallón Draconia”
2. Ian Carmona “Batallón Draconia”
3. Matías Gonzáles “Batallón Draconia”.

“Sword and Buckler”
1. Matías Gonzáles “Batallón Draconia”
2. Franco Hormazabal “Concilio de Estandartes”
3. Sebastián Muñoz “Batallón Draconia”.

“Sword and Shield”
1. Matías González “Batallón Draconia”
2. Ian Carmona “Batallón Draconia”
3. Jaret Bravo “Batallón Draconia”.

1. Non competitive: Draconia A and Draconia B.

1. “Batallón Draconia”
2. “Guardia León” / “Concilio de Estandartes”
3. “Ordel Adler”.

1. “Batallón Draconia”
2. “Orden Adler” / “Guardia León” / “Concilio de Estandartes”.

Also there was a fight debut on the “Rugir de Dragones 2018″. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos told about it with a great pride: “It should be noted that a new “Adler Order” HMB Club had its debut as such in this 2018 with a great presentation of its 3 Fighters, showing a positive attitude and great performance in the Duel Categories and a strong determination in the Buhurt Categories. The “Orden Adler” has begun his journey with a great first step.

Thats an awesome news and great results of the biggest HMB championship in Chile. It’s always a pleasure to know that HMB Sport became more and more popular. HMBIA News congratulate chilean athlets with it and hopes to see them in Rome.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania