Country in numbers – the story of Austria

01 Mar 2018 19:30
HMB-sport began to conquer Austria from its very heart – the beautiful capital of Vienna. It was over 7 years ago. Heinrich Stefan Wurzian, captain of the National team of this country told HMBIA News everything about HMB in Austria.

When did the HMB start in Austria? How was it?
In 2011 the HMB Movement in Austria was created after a Training Seminar with Anton Trubnikov, former President of the HMBIA. The Association for armored full contact fighting Vienna (VgVK Wien) was established and with it the first weekly opportunity to train with Soft-Sword Equipment for HMB competitions – especially the “Battle of the Nations”-2012 in Warsaw.

How many Clubs are there in Austria?
At the moment we have 6 different Clubs spread over Austria.

How many fighters are in clubs in general?
Depends on the clubs – some are small with arround 10 athletes. Our club in Vienna (VgVK Wien) has currently arround 90 registered Athletes.

How many certificated national and international marshals do you have?
Unfortunately we don’t have international certificated marshals so far. We have 3 national certified ones.

Are there any kind of rivalry between clubs?
Of course it’s normal in a competitive sport like HMB to have some kind if rivalry. Every club in Austria wants to dominate the national tournaments I guess.

How do you evaluate the qualification level of fighters in your country. Could you please describe with some examples?
We hold a national elimination tournament every year in Febuary or March. At first people have to send in their application. After that everyone has to pass a simple fitness test. The last stage are the fights at the elimination tournament. According to their performance the National Team Trainer, Joji ISHIKAWA, decides who fights in which team or who gets the spots at the Duell nominations.

How many tournaments have been held in 2017?
The Austrian HMB clubs organise different small tournaments spread over the country. It’s hard to keep track. I guess 5 – 8 national tournaments besides the elimination for the “Battle of the Nations”.

Summarize and plans for the future
Adapt, Overcome, grow bigger and stronger as a sports movement in Austria.

Do fighters treat HMB as a hobby or as a serious kind of sports and try to earn skills as much as possible?
Depends. We do not have any professional HMB athletes in Austria. But some take it more serious than others. I guess it’s the same in every country.

What are the tasks for developing HMB for the nearest future?
Increas the training possibilites for new people. More clubs, more promotion. More training in general. We will invest more time in young athletes (under 18 years old) as they are the future of our sport worldwide.

Austrian captain has a big planns and HMBIA News editorial office sure that he will do it! So let`s wait for the national team of this country on the list of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome.

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