Gavin Stewart: “There is a renewed energy in HMBIA…”

22 Feb 2018 18:02

Edouard Eme and Gavin Stewart had their first official call the day after Gavin was elected. It was an important conversation between the HMBIA President and Vice President. HMBIA News had an interview with Mr. Stewart. He told us a lot about plans and projects that he discussed with Edouard Eme.

Gavin Stewart:
“It was crucial not to sit back and wait before we had this meeting for a number of reasons: first, we needed to prioritise our plans and projects; furthermore, any successful collaboration relies on an understanding of collaborators – this meant discussing our strengths, so we know how to effectively delegate tasks; finally, we talked about our overall views of existing practices, which helps us keep on the same page regarding our vision for HMBIA. After all, we are a team and we need to adopt the same way of working.”

According to Gavin, they discussed already active projects and work plans for the near future. One sizeable project which Edouard had already started, was the review of how the Committees operate in HMBIA. This basic step has already proven to be a fundamental shift forwards in their practices. As the Vice President told our reporter, communication with the HMBIA committees will greatly help everyone involved and produce results in a timely manner – results that HMBIA functionaries can share with the entire HMB community.

Also, among the topics to consider was communication between HMBIA from one side and its National Federations and National Teams Captains from the other side. It`s an important part of work – the HMB National Federations and National Captains will have a better understanding of how exactly the entire association works and who to address their requests to.

Gavin Stewart:
“In reality, we have a number of projects and plans – too many to mention in one article – but if I can sum it up in a few words – we’re bringing everyone together to work for a common goal. We will be looking for new active members of committees; fresh blood with specific skills is very important part of development. Everyone in the movement will find information on our progress easily available, and we will be happy to discuss finished projects with everyone who is interested.”

HMBIA News appreciates the time dedicated by Gavin Stewart for the interview and will inform the entire HMB community about projects initiated by the heads of the Association.


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