Buhurt Open in Germany – first impressions

28 Feb 2018 20:32

“WinterCup”-2018 came to an end and left only good memories. This event was really great – it was the first big Buhurt League tournament in Germany and teams from Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands and France competed in “5 vs 5″ and profights on Saturday and in duels on Sunday.

Denise Töpfer and Melanie Gras from “Decima” HMB-club told HMBIA News about their impressions. These club showed great results! Girls fought both in duels and buhurt categories. And got tonnes of medals!

Denise Töpfer:
“For me it was an awesome experience. We fought the first women’s “5 vs 5″ in Europe in preparation for the “Battle of the Nations”-2018. There were four women teams competing in “5 vs 5″ beneath 20 men teams”.

Melanie has a great impressions too. She shared it on her instagramm:
“First tournament this year ends successful. It was a pleasure to fight, talk and laugh with all the amazing girls! And I`m really happy that all the training in winter is paying off!”

Our girls participated in “5 vs 5″ as a part of their buhurt team “Blood Griffins” and took the first place! Ladies are proud of it, but “Decima” brought more medals home: Melanie got silver in “Sword and Shield” and gold in “Longsword”.

Melanie Gras:
“I was happy that in “Sword and Shield” category fought 8 girls! It`s a big step for the Europe – mostly it`s not more then 4-5 female fighters”.

Orgteam did a great job for the “WinterCup”-2018: athlets were fighting outside on a wooden floor in a very stabile, roofed list. Even if it was very cold and windy there was a heated tent which every fighter could use and heaters on some spots at the list.

Denise Töpfer:
“We had some really good fights and took a great opportunity to prepare our team for the upcoming “5 vs 5″ on the “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in May.

HMBIA News remide you that “Winter Fightcup”-2018 has been included to The Buhurt League system, which means that it was held according to the standards and rules of historical medieval battles, which are common for all countries and had “Buhurt Open” status.

We will inform you about all results of this tournament in our next publications.


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