“… our club dominates in Czech HMB scene” – Tomas Gajdosik

23 Nov 2017 15:31
Today you will find out a lot of interesting about “SKSKBP” HMB-club from Praha (Czech Republic). The most important thing is that its full name is so hard to spell: Sportovní klub st?edov?kého kontaktního boje Praha. But its ok in English – Sport club of medieval contact fighting Prague. We had a fantastic conversation with Tomas Gajdosik about his club.
Tomas Gajdosik:
“The first members of our club started fighting in full contact in summer 2012 in cooperation with other enthusiasts form Czech Republic. Our first step was to visit our neighbour – Austria, where we found out how awesome this sport is and how shitty armors we had. The best thing that could happen to us was meeting with our friend, mentor and blacksmith Dima Nikitin, who helped our team A LOT. Since winter 2013 we got more people in our team and we can proudly say, that since than our club has been dominating in Czech HMB scene. So, we can say that we started 2012/2013 season before our first entrance to HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in France.”

We asked Tomas about the history of the club`s name. And he answered quite serious:

“We were thinking what would describe our activity the best, and because most of our first fighters were from reenactment and sword fighting groups, we needed to define ourselves, that is why we have such name. About our team names: the strongest one is Prague Trolls. We got it because we were “trolling” tournament at Linz 2013, where we, as absolute outsiders from previous season, won. Prague Vixens (our female team) are in the field as dragons so that’s why. And Prague Scoundrels? Well look at them: team full of ruffians and pub loafers, which never go far from pint to hit.

“SKSKBP” is a big club. There are around 30 active fighters (3 teams), but even more in training, also they have soft sword fighting trainings for children. This club has interesting and unusual structure – the captain is Jan Burgerstein, called “Burgr”, he is the one with a really swift and strong axe. But club itself is led by a small council of elected members sharing responsibilities and duties together.
According to Mr. Gajdosik, they have been growing since “Battle of the Nations”-2015 and 2016 in Prague, that helped them a lot. As Tomas said, those championships helped very much with development not only as a club, but also as Czech movement.
Our hero mentioned they’d been developing since the very beginning, from their first training place – a garage, to their own gym! Also “SKSKBP” HMB-club have started to provide an HMB-Soft direction and already have the team for “Junior World Championship in HMB Soft” – 2017 in Prague. Women team is also growing, and they have even better results than men, which motivates fighters even more. One of the goals is to revive the “Prague Falchion” tournament and get higher in rankings and at “Battle of the Nations”-2018. Tomas noticed: “We would like to participate as many tournaments as we can, limitation is only our wallet”.

“SKSKBP” HMB-club is a serious organization. They are training as hard as possible. This club has different trainers, each one is good in his own field. They have normally 3 trainings per week, but the gym is opened to everyone to train whenever he or she wants.

“We are training cardio, buhurt, box and MMA technics, soft swords and then some kind of hardcore rounds with weights, dummy, club, kettlebell, our own body etc. And of course, we also trying to have once per month full gear training in armor with weapons” – said Tomas.

He also mentioned: “Well, we have trainings, but we are not just club mates, we are friends, so our connections continue beyond the tournaments and trainings. We like to go out from time to time and have fun in pubs and so on. Battle friendship is one of the strongest, no one can say opposite.”

It`s really great so many people are sharing the same passion! HMBIA News was glad to know so much interesting about “SKSKBP” HMB-club and wishes them good luck at the upcoming tournaments!

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