Country in numbers – the story of Slovakia

28 Nov 2017 13:59
From time to time each of us needs to rest well and recharge ourselves, and then to jump into action with doubled energy. HMB-community of Slovakia is taking this necessary pause for recovering strengths. At the end of 2017 all the participants in medieval battles will gather for the standard annual meeting, which probably will give a new impulse to the sport! So let’s look in details on the lie of the land in Slovakian HMB-community!
How the HMB-movement have appeared in Slovakia? Fans of medieval battles came up with the thoughts to form an HMB national team shortly after the visit of the spectacular Battle of the Nations 2012 event in Warsaw, Poland. For the next BotN 2013 3 Slovakian fighters have been fully ready to compete at this World Championship! That time they joined to HMB-brothers from Czech Republic team to fight at their side in the “5 vs 5” category. Slovakian fighters combated in “1 vs 1” category as well.
They took part in the Battle of the Nations in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 years, as well as in other tournaments across Europe.
Several years Slovakia hosted big international tournament called “FOR THE KING! FOR THE COUNTRY!” with participation of teams from Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, France and of course Slovakia.

Vincent Bu?ka, the Vice-captain of national team, looked back on the active phase of HMB in his country: “For me personally, the most outstanding battle was on Czech Elimination Tournament in year 2015, when we were a full team of 8 Slovakian fighters and in the “5 vs 5″ category we won the Bronze medal. This was a proof for me, that if we are in full force, we are capable to perform great”.

What was happened then? We asked Miroslav Gyarmathy, the National team captain, about this 2-years silent:

“Since 2 years ago many of key members are working outside of Slovakia, we have only individual training and we see each other only at our annual meeting or on tournaments.

This so called “Pause” for our HMB movement takes now for the second year in a row. Despite, HMB is our big hobby, and we try to make it popular”.

Slovakian HMB community is well banded together and supportable. Each member is very valuable, and Miroslav Gyarmathy told that he is very proud of all fighters.

Currently 8 fighters of Slovakia are split between 2 clubs. One club called “HMB Slovakia”. Fighters from “HMB Slovakia” experience with Battle of the Nations and build the core of the Slovakian national team. The second club called “MFC Legendary Warriors.” It is a young club and the fighters are collecting experience in tournaments in nearby countries. Clubs are supporting each other. Members meet on regular basis, make training together. Cooperation is very close.

Besides that, small Slovakian HMB community has an official organization, where 4 active managing members working on development and popularization of this sport.

Very soon they will have an important event – the annual meeting of all HMB participants. There’ll be vectors of development for the next year to determine. In particular, the question of Slovakia’s participation in the “Battle of Nations”- 2018 will be the subject of discussion.

Vincent Bu?ka told: “Our participation in the year 2018 depends on the results of the standard Annual meeting at the end of this year (2017). The best outcome of the meeting would be the result of confirmed 8 fighters for Battle of the Nations 2018”.

HMBIA News sincerely wishes Slovakian HMB-community a positive solution to this issue and, of course, intensive development in the nearest future!

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