Irina Rogozovsky, Israel: “…women came out of the shadows in this sport”

12 Sep 2016 16:10
In Historical Medieval Battles, as in any other sport, women firmly took their place. The HMB World Championship: “Battle of the Nations”, is no exception. Female fighters have been competing in the category of “Triathlon”, and taking part in profights since 2014. In 2015, women have had the opportunity to participate in buhurts in “All vs All”. Organizers of the “Battle of the Nations” do not plan to stop – they try to improve the conditions either for female and male fighters every year.
A female fighter from Israel, Irina Rogozovsky confessed to HMBIA News that she prefers buhurt categories. But mixed team in buhurt categories in the “Battle of the Nations” are forbidden and she decided to establish nominations for women in the Championship. So this year it’s gonna happen!

It is pleasant to note that every year the HMB-sport becomes increasingly interesting to women, more and more females are fighting for the medals of the World Championship. 13 girls from 9 countries had performed in the category “Women’s Triathlon” in 2014. In 2015, performing in that category were 24 girls from 15 countries and the experimental “All in all” category for women took part, in which about 16 girls participated. In 2016, organizers are planning to add “women polearm” category to the “Triathlon” and female buhurt in the format of “3 vs 3″.
Concerning female profights, the pioneers became Irina Rogozovskoy (Israel) and Daria Ignatenko (Belarus).
Irina Rogozovsky (Israel): “I got involved in this sport not so long ago – in 2013. That year there was no categories for women at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. As for female profights, as far as I know, my profight with Daria Ignatenko from Belarus was the first female profight within WMFC, and such female profights in “WMFC Israel Challenge” were the first ones at “WMFC first Class”.
We can see the female category “3 vs 3″ in many tournaments already. Female fighters train a lot and gain experience. It is impossible not to notice that every year the professional level of female fighters is getting higher and there are more and more participants eager to join the HMB-movement.
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