Friendly Ukranian-Polish HMB Tournament

06 Sep 2016 14:59

On the 20th of August in the Central culture and recreation park of M. Gorkiy in the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine), a “Friendly Ukranian-Polish Historical Medieval Battle Tournament” took place. Polish and Ukranian fighters were competing in the “5 vs. 5” nominations and “one vs. one” profights.

Yan Zdanovsky, the consul of General Consulate of Republic of Poland in Kharkov, greeted the contestants and guests.

Yan Zdanovsky:

“It is indeed first such cooperation between General Consulate of Republic of Poland and Historical Medieval Battle International Association, which turned out to be today’s event. We as a consulate a bit acquainted with some fighters and tournaments of such kind. In Ukraine similar tournament takes place in Trostyance, it’s called “Stara Fortecya” (Old Fortress). We are very glad that such events found place here in Kharkov. I think that this event could be a great tradition and a visiting card of your wonderful city”.

Anton Trubnikov, the President of Historical Medieval Battle International Association told HMBIA News about the organizational moments of the first tournament and noted that both their and Polish sides had a mass of reasons for organization of the tournament in Kharkov.

Anton Trubnikov:

“The tournament is dedicated, first of all to the friendship between Ukraine and Poland. We are very grateful to General Consulate of Republic of Poland in the city of Kharkov, with the help of which we opened the door to the European tournaments for the first time. I believe it to be a magnificent idea to make a cooperative friendly tournament in honor of friendship between two countries, it’s an opportunity to communicate. It’s also a great opportunity to invite our Polish friends to Kharkov, because it isn’t a secret that 80 per cent of the time it’s us who visits them. I like the idea of the cooperative process, moreover there are seldom any tournaments being conducted in Kharkov, therefore we initiated such friendly tournament”.

The organizers did not forget about the important celebrations that take place at the end of the August.

Anton Trubnikov:

“Why August? Well on August 23rd our wonderful city of Kharkov celebrates the anniversary of liberation from nazi invaders, we also celebrate Day of the National Flag, on August 24th our country celebrates its first anniversary of independence. At such times of struggle, in the modern reality, I think it is very important to remind people that there is still friendship and there are still brotherly countries that will always provide support”.

Anton Trubnikov, HMBIA and General Consulate of Republic of Poland in Kharkov noted that tournament turned great and it is worth it to try and repeat such experience.

Yan Zdanovsky:

“We should think about more firm cooperation and I think the consulate will soon be able to suggest some certain ways of support of the events of such kind. We would like to be a part of all this, we will provide as much support as we can and we will start on thinking what can we do for the next year. We should discuss some details with our colleagues”.

Anton Trubnikov expressed his agreement with General Consul. He also noted that he shares Yan Zdanovsky’s intentions to make a tradition out of “Friendly Ukranian-Polish Historical Medieval Battle Tournament”.

Anton Trubnikov:

“We’re eager to make this tournament a series, HMB International Association conducted a tournament last year in Warsaw, so we hope it will continue into a set of tournaments, at least two-three events a year – one-two in Kharkov, maybe Kharkov-Kyiv, and two in Warsaw. That’s the idea, but everything depends, because we need sponsors’ support and currently there aren’t any official sponsors – everything’s made at the expense of contestants and organizers, by their own initiative. Of course we want some financial support from a certain structure, that would be very pleasant”.

While the battle was raging on inside the stadium, the more and more people were gathering around it. The atmosphere on the main alley of the Gorky park was filled with excitement. Anton Trubnikov confessed that he was rooting for the Kharkov fighters.

Anton Trubnikov:

“I, honestly, as a director of the club “Knyaz”, which is represented here by two teams, frankly root for my club. I’m a guest here and I want to cheer for my guys, because the main organizers were Sergey Tsymbal, Pavel Besaga and Evgeniya Kalackaya. Well, of course it’s a friendly tournament and we won’t be announcing a winner”.

Despite the official status, consul succumbed to the atmosphere of excitement and adrenaline and confessed that while witnessing such a spectacle he just could not but root for his compatriots.

Yan Zdanovsky:

“Yes, it is very pleasant that the representatives of my country are here, our fighters are here in Kharkov for the first time and of course I root for them. Although, I believe that it is really important that the spirit and friendship come out as a winner in such a competition. If we happened to meet each other this way, with weapons in our hands, let it be only on the stadium in the friendly competition”.

Mr. consul was interested in the event not just as a spectator and confessed that he would like to try HMB himself.

Yan Zdanovsky:

“I’ve already asked some of my colleagues and organizers what are the terms of signing up to the club. Our Consulate has even received a little present from your colleagues-organizers – a helmet! We tried it on and it was quite heavy so it’s hard to imagine how hard it is to wear armor in such hot weather. This kind of sport really amazes me, it’s relations with culture and the concepts of the knighthood age, which ended long ago, but thanks to such events it is remembered and it resumes in some way, bringing to life the things we could have only read in books before. Things like valor of the knight, the word of the knight, everything associated with that age”.

The fighters both from Polish and Ukrainian sides were content with the event. Poles expressed their gratitude for the invites and the tournament to organizers and confessed that they have not been able to see the city but they liked the park. The Ukrainians were also happy with everything.

Illya Vishutin, captain of the HMB National team of Ukraine noted that he believes that the tournaments of such sort should take place more often.

The spectators in their turn passionately supported the teams.

Alexander, spectator:

“I have never seen anything like this before. It’s unreal. All the clanking of the swords, all the adrenaline. I came to satisfy my curiosity but ended up screaming and cheering for the contestants. I’d really like to see more events like that!”

In the heat of the battle, it is important to remember all the support. HMBIA never forgets its friends and expresses gratitude to all who one way or another took part in the “Friendly Ukranian-Polish Historical Medieval Battle Tournament”.

Anton Trubnikov:

“I would like to especially thank for support General Consulate of Republic of Poland, the direction of Central park of M. Gorky for giving us space, for supporting us, for a prompt, accurate and comfortable reaction on our request of place and for so generously provided wonderful ground in the center of the park. I would also like to thank everybody who took part in the organization of the tournament, everyone who will read this article for feedback and attention towards our articles, towards our news, our tournaments – that is a very important aspect. We are always very glad when our news are mentioned in a positive mood, being reposted and supported; it really helps us to work more profitably.

HMBIA News shares the gratitude; we hope that next year we will be able to cheer for the contestants of the second “Friendly Ukranian-Polish Historical Medieval Battle Tournament” in the same place.

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