Veldstra, Netherlands: “We wanted to keep our kit as Dutch as possible, close to our roots”

20 Sep 2016 15:36

Today, HMBIA News decided to talk on the topic of armor. In our humble opinion, it is one of the most important topics in our movement. So let’s find out what armor do fighters from all around the world prefer! Let’s begin with Netherlands! Why? Because ladies first! We spoke to Esther Veldstra, captain of the National Team of the Netherlands.

Esther Veldstra: “My kit is of Western European style, painted with our signature colors – orange and black. The entire team has spent the past months collecting armor and getting used to move and fight in it. Several fighters have adopted eastern style now. We have an authenticity officer of our own who checks if our kit meets the specified requirements. We wanted to keep our kits as Dutch as possible, close to our roots. So we searched for Dutch and then other Western-European items”.

We can`t speak about armor and not mention weapons! During HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” Esther used classic items for “Duels” and “stylish things” for “All vs All” category.

Esther Veldstra: “I have a longsword and a one-hander for “Triathlon”. But I used my axe for category “All vs All””.

However, not only captain Veldstra prefers axes in this team. Axes, falchions…they love weapon and they are not afraid to use it.
Esther Veldstra: “Our poleaxe man has his own fancy set of pole axes. He really loves axes… He will bring the poleaxe to buhurt too. Then there is a wide selection of falchions and maces. Also our orange shields, of course. And some more poleaxes… “.

The weapons, of course, go alongside the armour,and personal preferences play an important role here as well.

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