Alberto Baal Jimenez, Mexico: “Battle of the Nations” means fraternity, friendship and mutual support”

05 Aug 2014 11:51

We couldn’t take a large support team with us. We arrived at the Championship with only three supporters. They did everything they could to help us, namely took photos when we fought, brought us all necessary things. It was a hard work. An amazing thing is that we felt support of other teams, namely Austria, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. They showed us that “Battle of the Nations” means fraternity, friendship and mutual support. Our friends took care of each of us and we did the same in return.

The main part of our support group left in Mexico, but the guys sent us messages full of kind and warm words. Many of them watched the online broadcast of the Championship. And we really felt their support!!! We are grateful for that to all our brothers-in-arms from different countries and to all our fellow countrymen who rooted for us at home.


Alberto Baal Jimenes,
captain of the National team of Mexico

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania