How to choose armor, if you are a universal fighter?

25 Dec 2017 13:19
If you decide to be a universal HMB fighter, then it is very important to be able to balance the possibility of being mobile and protected while choosing an armor.

We asked experienced HMB fighters to share their views on the ideal armor for this mission.

Michael Morgulis, the fighter of M.F.C club, told: ” I recommend a mobile and relatively light armor for universals. It should not be burdensome. But at the same time all the vulnerabilities must be well closed, because at any moment universal, as well as runner, can turn into a victim, pressed to the list. Therefore, you might give preference to corselet armor”.

Michael not only develops himself as a fighter, but narrowly watches all the details of the HMB movement. He constantly analyzes an armor effectiveness of different fighters in combats. And he shares the most balanced, by his opinion, formula: “I recommend the corselet for hips and knees covering the body by ¾, corselet arms and a good brigantine for the body. I recommend to everyone a stainless steel helmets, titanium armor and I wish everyone happiness”.

Here is Adam Curry, the fighter from New Zealand “East Auckland Eagles” club, chooses a mobile enough, but at the same time a good defensive combination: “Floating arms and legs give best mobility, and large plates instead of splint give better protection. Light is good but it needs to be protective also. So, my plates cover around ¾ of my legs and arms. And the total weight is 21 kg while my weight is 115 kg”.

It often happens universals sacrifice safety for the sake of mobility. They don’t protect shins, leave the biceps open, and in general choose more light, smaller in size armor. At a critical moment, when rivals press the universal to the list and started to pound him, an experienced fighter always knows which part of the body is better to place under blows. For example, many people place the head, hiding unprotected shoulders, shins.

Editorial HMBIA News wishes all the soldiers safe and successful battles!


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