Edouard Eme – mottos and inspirations

30 Dec 2017 18:19
“Toujours baisé, jamais surpris” – that`s the motto of Edouard Eme. He uses it since he was in the army. It means “Always screwed, never surprised” – unexpected phrase but really vital. HMBIA News reporter asked Mr. Eme why did he choose such motto? He answered that it goes very well with his life.

Edouard Eme:
“It appears to be relevant at many moments of my life, so I guess it will be in my future. it just helps me when something goes wrong”, – joked Edouard.

Also there are things that inspire Edouard to all his deeds. One of them is heroism in general. And it doesn`t metter what kind of heroism – historical or todays.

Edouard loves to travel and usually gets there his inspiration as well. He is inspired by the dramatic landscapes, folklore and heroic history of countries he visits. The glorious fights of his team on the list and his other deeds are more a result of the inspiration.

HMBIA News thank Mr. Eme for the interview and wish him trully inspiration and never to get screwed!


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