Vyshutin, Ukraine: “I try to do complex exercises, because if you focus only on one point, it’ll do no good.”

17 Nov 2014 12:24

Ilyas Vyshutin,
fighter of “Knyaz” club (Kharkiv, Ukraine),
fighter of the National Team of Ukraine

… Concerning his way to HMB sport

It happened by chance, two years ago my friend offered me to try it… Today, historical medieval battle for me is an opportunity to feel alive, real.

… Concerning his armor

My armor dates back to early 15th century, Italy. My helmet is a bascinet with nose guard, 14th century, Germany. Everything was chosen according to “Ergonomics, youth, design…” criteria. If we speak seriously, the most important thing about my armor is that it is quite comfortable and offers a good protection.

… Concerning weapons

I usually enter the lists being armed with a shield and sword, these weapons allow me to strike well and to wrestle.

… Concerning sports in general

I used to practise martial arts, but now I’m engaged only in HMB sport. My skills, acquaired from other martial arts, are still with me and give me advantages in battles.

… Concerning his combat features and tricks

I have no secrets, just do what I can, I’ve got no “special” features or tricks.

… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter

You need to be strong, agile, skillful :).

I train 6 times a week. I try to do complex exercises, because if you focus only on one point, it’ll do no good.

… Concerning the season of 2014

The season was very busy, I got a huge experience. I participated in almost all Ukrainian tournaments, attended a couple of European events.

Taking into account this season’s results, I can say only one thing, “We need to train, train and train again”, because I’m not very satisfied with the results, we could do better… So, we’ll change many things concerning armor and preparations for tournaments.

… Concerning his favorite category

I prefer “5 vs 5″ and “21 vs 21″ where you feel support, as you fight shoulder to shoulder with your teammates. “5 vs 5″ battles imply dynamics and only a little of tactics, while “21 vs 21″ battles imply more tactics, and teamwork is very important there.

… Wishes to HMB novices

I wish you fitness and good tactics, bros! :).


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