“Marshals summit 2016 in Moscow: how it happened…”

30 Jan 2017 18:29
Before the beginning of the report from the last marshals summit in Moscow, we would like start off earlier and unveil the whole picture. So then, the year 2016 was rich with organizational events for the marshal’s committee – four international summits were held – in Sonora (USA), Riga and Copenhagen and, traditionally, the final event was the Moscow summit. The Moscow summit took place the next day after the “Dynamo Cup”. HMBIA asked an ex-head of the marshals committee Alexander Davydov to tell us about the event and about his work as a whole.
Alexander Davydov: “The summit after the “Dynamo Cup” is particularly unique in at last two aspects – it is held during the large tournament and lets work out nuances in practice, secondly – the tournament lets us gather the most experienced marshals from all around the world and exchange experience with them for futher individual work.”

The final summit is some kind of the “advancing in qualification” courses. However, unfortunately, not all the invited marshals could make it. According to Alexander, there has formed a tendency, which suggests that such summits are possible to be held only with the presence of the organizers’ persistence. The “Dynamo Cup’s” organizers had that persistence in possession, so they did a great job making the high level tournament. Here, marshals who had worked on the Moscow tournament, were able to share information with each other one extra day.
Alexander Davydov: “In other words – there are summits without “practice’, there is “practice” without the possibility to talk – this event was balanced. The event was held in “family” environment, but nobody were forgetting about the work. Traditionally, the summaries were made and the tasks for the nearest future were set, everything in accordance with decisions made on the International captains’ summit, which took place the previous week in Milan”.
Having gathered in Moscow, marshals discussed many themes, particularly – correction of the mistakes in rules as a whole and correction of two-handed polearm nomination in particular, perspectives of the introduction of Marhsals’ rating as a tool for not only the evaluation, but also for possibility of organization of closer interaction between marshals and organizers. Also, Alexander told us that there is a separate block of works on the exclusion of the weaponry characteristics from main part of the rules and adding in to the application in the form of “matrix” planned, the goal of that is placement of all the parameters on one page – such practice is used in a bi number of International and national standards in various spheres of activity. Those who have gathered separately discussed the question of the formation of national marshals teams without receiving the international certificate – for those who does not plan to leave the borders of their countries, has problems with international language or restricted in time showing the good result nonetheless. However, during summit, there was a question, which surprised and upset the participants of the meeting and, we are sure, will upset the HMB movement participants’ strongly.
Alexander Davydov: “Unfortunately, the summit was a place where I have declared my official resignation from the post of the HMBIA Marhshals committee’s head, such decision was not easy for me, but there are a lot of important moments and reasons – nevertheless, I keep my status of international marshall and continue to help with work on the separate questions, though on the less relevant scale”.
Traditionally, in the end of the summary summit there is held an attestation for future marshals and they receive the certificate of the international marshal. The summit did not add new names in the marshals list, because this time, unfortunately, not a single candidate could complete a test.
Alexander Davydov: “On one hand, it is surely sad, but on the other hand – we are obliged to hold high professional bar on the part of decision making, because the participants’ health could depend on it. Additionally, I would like to address to large events’ organizers with the suggestion to align big tournaments with international marshals seminars more often – you could form professional marshal’s teams and lead new marshals to the international level, combination of theory and practice is very important and if the fighters has many events and possibility to constantly collect experience, than marshals – are a resource, which needs support for the ability to hold real quality events”.
HMBIA News hopes that tournament organizers will listen to Mr. Davydov and the marshals will receive the possibility to grow and improve. Also, we would like to thank Alexander Davydov for an interview and all the work that he has done as a head of marshals committee.
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