A movie about HMB in Argentina: “Choose your weapons and prepare yourselves, this is going to be hurt!”

30 May 2018 10:24
“From Buenos Aires to Prague. From training in public squares to the World Championship. This is the story of a group of men and women with a unique obsession: Historical Medieval Battles. A brand new sport in which fighters face each other covered with armors and armed with axes, swords, helmets and a full arsenal. Choose your weapons and prepare yourselves, this is going to be hurt!” This is a storyline of the documentary movie “Metal contra Metal” that was directed by Juan Schmidt from Argentina.

This film was shown on the famous “BAFICI” film festival in Buenos Aires on April 14. This story started three years ago when Juan Schmidt saw some strange guys in the park near his home.

Juan Schmidt:
“I met members of Valherjes team first. They told me about the sport and about the “Battle of the Nations”. I decided to make a movie about them. It´s very strange and interesting if you see the HMB from the Argentine point of view. We are so far, everything is hard and expensive and… above all: we have no medieval History or Traditions”.

Marcos Villani is the main character of this story. He is a well-known person in the HMB community, and here is what he told about the acquaintance with Juan:
“Juan Schmidt saw us training in a park three years ago. And ask us if he could film our activity, later he came to the tournaments, to our club and to my home, that was where we made our armours. He was so interested in making this movie about our passion in the sport and how it mixes with our lives. He even went to the “Battle of the Nations” in Prague”.
After three years, the audience of the film festival saw the movie and was excited! People found it very interesting and entertaining. But the most important thing is that Argentinians have found out about HMB. Andy Di Francesco was among the audience on the premier. She told that the movie is good as it is interesting and spectacular, and of course it is a great help in the HMB sport development.

Andy Di Francesco:
“We were invited, and we answered the questions of the public. I liked “Metal contra Metal” very much! I think that it will help in HMB sport development in two ways. Firstly, it promotes the sport and lets the people know that we are existing. Secondly, it shows that we have to work so hard to make this sport, it is very difficult here because of the economic situation”.

We can`t wait to watch the movie too! So, let’s wait for such an opportunity.


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