Ilyas Vyshutin, Ukraine: “Anthem of Ukraine played on bagpipes is better than an energy drink!”

18 Aug 2014 10:10

  Our National Team had a nice support group at “Battle of the Nations”! We saw the Ukrainian flag in the stands, and the Ukrainian national anthem played on bagpipes was better than an energy drink. I know that the support group was organized by Konstantin Parkhomenko, and we’re grateful for that! Guys from the club “Ayna Bera” (Kyiv) and civil members of the club “Knyaz” (Kharkiv) rooted for us as well. In addition, volunteers who helped at “Battle of the Nations” not for the first time, also rooted for us. Watching videos, we often heard them shouting “Ukraine, fight!” and we tried to fight as people observed us, rooted for us, and we just couldn’t let them down! And, of course, we were supported by our families. My mom then told she had been ready to beat our rivals, those who attacked her son :). It may sound funny, of course, but Mother is always Mother!

Civil members of our team helped us not only morally, but also physically. The guys gave invaluable support to the fighters, helping them to put on armor. Everything had to fit perfectly, because honor of the country was at stake. Also, we observed each other in the process of fighting to be sure our aventails were OK, our armor in order… We are the team, and it’s like being a family!


Ilyas Vyshutin,
fighter of the National team of Ukraine

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania