Gremov, Estonia: “It’s difficult to get that amount of adrenaline being engaged in any other activity”

12 Mar 2015 09:04

Ivan Gremov,
fighter of the “K.A.R.U.” club (Estonia),
fighter of the National Team of Estonia

… Concerning his way to HMB sport

Before I came to HMB, I dealt with role-playing games and battles on very light and safe “foam rubber”, then was wood, metal, and all those activities required better armor.

In general, from the moment I started practising it, eight and a half years have passed and a lot has changed in terms of my perception of this business, from a simple desire to wave a stick and imagine yourself a warrior to a fact I’m an actual warrior now, who breaks into the ranks of opponents, hitting them indiscriminately.

Full-contact fights for me are more than just a hobby. I like the sport a lot, it helps me to relieve myself of excess energy, in addition, it is a crazy extreme, and it’s difficult to get that amount of adrenaline being engaged in any other activity.

… Concerning his armor and weapons

My armor represents Germany, the mid-14th century, it was chosen because of the visual and practical compliance with my desires.

The most effective things for me turned to be a falchion and a shield with striking edges. This fighting style is similar to kickboxing \ boxing, so it’s intuitively clear.

… Concerning sports in general

I practiced sports before, but nothing serious. I dealt with kickboxing, took lessons of other martial arts. I didn’t become a professional, but all the skills I got turned to be useful for HMB, so now I train more purposefully and intelligently.

… Concerning his combat techniques and features

The main feature is to enter the battle without any doubts, and think only with your spinal cord during the battle, relying on reflexes and senses, then the battle goes right. But it is very difficult to sort out anything particular.

… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter

A set of qualities, needed by any fighter, is the same as in any contact sport or martial art, namely strength, endurance, speed, love to adrenaline during the fight, ability to assess the situation and make right decisions during the battle.

… Concerning trainings and tournament preparations

I focus on strength exercises, endurance (to a lesser extent), develop proper breathing and techniques, practise tyre striking and punch a bag, which is a standard set of exercises.

… Concerning his favorite category

My favorite category is “5 vs 5″ battles, they are the most spectacular and full of action and tactics. Well, on the other hand, all other things are also interesting.

… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014

The conclusions I made after the Championship, primarily relate to my equipment – it needs radical changes and I’m working on them. Well, it is also necessary to train harder. The results were decent, but they showed there is room for development.

We were surprised by many fighters, due to their appearance, conduct of the fight, so it is difficult to single out someone. I was acquainted with “Russia 3″, so I remember them the best, I rooted for them during each their battle.

I remember fighting with Ukraine and Serbia. The first battles were very interesting for us, while the latter were our debut ones. “Ukraine 2″ was the most difficult opponent, in those battles we were very close to victory, but we clearly lacked experience. The guys showed us a lot, but I hope we also surprised them. And I liked a lot of other little things concerning different battles. Who else do I want to fight with? I want to fight with all the participants, but the main thing is not to fall on the battlefield :).

… Expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015

Concerning the next Championship, I expect that everything will be at least as good as it was this year, any troubles are not important for me there, and I believe that the organizers will cope with any arguments and difficulties! I’m really looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”, and I hope that every year it will become better and better.

… Wishes to novices

In general, I wish everyone luck on the lists, combat experience and positive feelings.



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