Online-registration for “Battle of the Nations”-2015 is open!

02 Mar 2015 20:09
Registration is compulsory for participants of the festival!

To the participants of sixth annual World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2015 attention! From 2nd of March 2015 compulsory online registration for all participants at “Battle of the Nations” website ( is open.

To register necessary to do followed

1. Follow the link:

2. Choose the category appropriate to your aims:
– Fighter. A person practicing Historical Medieval Battle. Captains of National Teams have to register as a fighter.
– Marshal. A person refereeing battles. This category of participants also includes authenticity experts who check equipment of fighters and civils.
– Civil Participant. A person keen on “living history,” who is a member of the national team.
– Vendor. A person selling goods on the territory of the festival.
– Artist. A person engaged in creative work connected with any sphere of medieval art, i.e. he/she can be an artist, a painter, sculptor, musician, singer, dancer, an actor, etc.

If you fall under several participant’s categories of the festival (for example, “Fighter” and “Vendor”) you have to register only at one category. You are able to choose category be yourself.
Please note, that you have to register as a fighter if you are planning to participate in non-rating battles or master classes and workshops.

3. Specify the personal data of the participant and upload relevant photos.

4. Accept Rules of conduct, safety regulations and norms mandatory for all participants of the World Championship on historical medieval battle “Battle of the Nations”-2015 and confirm registration.

After that you will get an e-mail with confirmation of registration and guidance to complete the registration.

The next stage of online-registration – check participant’s armor or medieval costume by experts of Authenticity Committee. They will point out mistakes and nonconformity that should be corrected. Also experts will determine deadlines for correction.

We would like to note again that online-registration is compulsory requirement for participants of “Battle of the Nations”-2015.

All participants of “Battle of the Nations”-2015 with confirmed online-applications will get their accreditations at the festival. Those who will be not registered at the website or who will have non-confirmed online-applications risk not to get participant’s accreditation.

Guests of the festival (the audience who came to look at the “Battle of the Nations” -2015) do not need to pass through online-registration.

Kind regards,

World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2015
7-10 May, 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania