HMB Full-contact tournament, Warsaw: How Polish national team prepares for the Battle of the Nations

11 Apr 2016 11:05

One of the most interesting HMB tournaments in Poland “HMB Full-contact tournament” took place in Warsaw 04.02.2016. Arena was assembly in modern sport hall CRS Bielany.

This tournament was an excellent workout for the Polish National Team. A chance to look at the selected fighters of the categories “5 vs 5″ and exercise category “Massive battle”. Ukrainian and british teams also took part in it. So there were 11 teams for category “5 vs 5″. Two teams from Ukraine, one from the UK and eight teams of Polish and one female fighter from Germany.

Organisational team of “HMB Full-contact tournament” tried to take care of each category of fights related to HMB such as:
– 1vs1 triathlon (men)
– 1vs1 triathlon (women)
– 1vs1 juniors
– 5vs5 (men)
– Massive battle

Damian Lakomski, member of orgteam “HMB Full-contact tournament”: “All the time there were about 150 people in the stands. Fans liked tournament a lot and vice mayor of Bielany – district of Warsaw and management of sport hall invited us to do next editions. Polish national team is ready for the BotN in Prague. Any competition would not be missed by Poles”.

Results of the tournament
“1vs1″ (men)

1. Marcin Waszkielis (Poland)
2. Krzysztof Szatecki (Poland)
3. Lukas Koval (UK)

“1vs1″ (women)

1. Denise Brinkmann (Germany)
2. Kamila Henkelman (Poland)
3. Agnieszka Lasota (Poland)


1. Ayna Bera (Ukraine)

2. Chorna Galych (Ukraine)

3. Polska2

4. Polska1

5. Fabryka ?wi? (Poland)

6. BH (UK)

7-11 (Poland)

“Massive Battle”

Poland – Ukraine 0:2

Juniors “1vs1″ (15-17 years old)

1. Kamil Pisarzowski
2. Kacper Koz?owski
3. Lars Dusseldorp


The tournament was also an opportunity to help those in need. “We are fighting for Pola!!!” During the tournament was carried out collecting money for treatment of little 2 year old Apolonia who is fighting cancer of the eye. Thank to all donor for money gives for Pola treatment in New York.

Thanx for awards donators Historicum, Ku?nia Igora, SPES Medieval Market, Tomasz Gomo?a, Baltic Glass Sp. z o.o.

All fights soon on Wadera YT chanel

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