Franco Bianchetti, Switzerland: “For all of us, this year was a test, and we’ve passed it!”

19 Jan 2015 12:18

Debut of the full team was right at “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Before Croatia we went to some events or trainings, but never five fighters from Switzerland were together as one team vs another team. In general, I think, we had a good result. Of course it was possible to get a better one via harder training, but since we were there for the very first time all together, we are happy of what we could show. We are very young team, without any experience, but in a year we will probably be able to show more. Our category was the “5 vs 5” battle and we had one fighter in the “1 vs 1” who fought well, actually. For all of us, this year was a test, and we’ve passed it! I’m happy about my team!

Mexican and Finnish teams were a nice surprise for me. They did well for their first time, too. Also the girls who were fighting showed great battles at “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Of course, the “21 vs 21” category was fascinating.

For me, the best thing that I remember was our victory in a battle against our friends from Italy :). In general, I will remember that this year was our debut and we were not so bad during the fights, I’m happy with this result.


Franco Bianchetti (Frank Døkkr Norðri),
captain of “Fimm Elfar” club (Switzerland),
captain of the National Team of Switzerland

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania