Bear Paw about Buhurt League ranking

07 Jan 2019 22:58
The Buhurt League 2017-2018 season ended for the Bear Paw team from Russia with the third place in the ranking. Vitaly Gryzlov, the captain of the “five”, gave a small comment, noting that it does not matter to them who exactly and what place had occupied. The team won all the tournaments in which it took part, without losing a single round, it is a 100% odds of battles won.
According to Vitaly, there were some certain significant tournaments such as Dynamo Cup, where the victory was important for them and they rightfully took their place on the podium.
Also, the team captain noted that Bear Paw had passed all 4 tournaments clean and without serious injuries. The guys won, including the first and second place ranking teams White Company from the UK and Prague Trolls from Czech Republic.

As for the traditions existing in the club, Vitaly told HMBIA News that “… there is a single tradition in our club – to train hard and seriously!”

But what tactical steps the team prepared for the next season, its leader chose to keep secret, nevertheless our editorial board is confident that this will be a pleasant surprise for the Bear Paw`s opponents on the lists.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania