The story of the Trolls and the pedestal of Buhurt League

04 Jan 2019 21:54
Prague Trolls got second place in the Buhurt League ranking of the season 2017-2018. This year was very successful and intense for the team. Trolls became known to HMB fans thanks to the determination they show on every tournament they have participated in. They never give up and always fight hard. Stronger opponents motivate them to get better and improve their performance not only in fights but also in the gym. „The most important thing is a good physical preparation and an armour of high quality“ Jan Burgerstein, the captain of the team says. You can see a lot of hard work and diligence behind these guys. The Trolls are currently the best czech team, there is no rival now.
Jan Burgerstein also told HMBIA News a little about their place of honor and his priorities in working with the team.

– What was your first reaction?
We were really surprised about ending up at 2nd place at men’s category and 1st at women. It wasn’t clear until last tournament of Buhurt league, we trained hard for this and fought at as many tournaments as we could and hoped for the best result.

– How many tournaments did your team take part this season?
We took part at 20 tournaments at 9 different countries. Our club SKSKB Praha got all together with women team Vixens and Prague Scoundrels 34 medals.

– How many victories did you get?
Depends on what you count as victory. For Trolls It is always first place, we took golden medal seven times this year and then there were some silver places.

– Are you going to celebrate it?
Information about our place came at Christmas time, so we already celebrated with getting fat during holidays, which means that we are going to celebrate it with hard trainings in the new year.

– Is this a good motivation for the future victories?
Every victory can be motivating and sometimes defeat is even more motivational. Trolls and Vixes are going to continue with their success and hard training. We would like to attend in 2019 at least same number of tournaments like this year and bring more victories.

– Are there some strategy how to keep such result or to take a first place?
Best strategy is hard training and fighting with best of the bests to get painful experiences from getting beaten at the beginning. Good strategy is also to work with talented fighters, focus on their training and searching for new talents when they are still young. Team must work as one to be capable of winning.
And what is the greatest success for the Trolls till now? Everything that drives them to get better and to surpass the success they once thought were impossible.

So, let’s wait for the ranking of next season!

PRAGUE TROLLS: Fight against hard opponents is the best way, how to be one of them one day
TEAM CAPTAIN: Jan Burgerstein
COUNTRY/CITY: ?eská republika, Praha
PARTICIPATION IN PAST Battle of the Nations: since 2012


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