Loborec, Croatia: “We are better prepared than last year and now we can enter a fight without fear and nervousness”

04 Feb 2015 10:54

We like the idea that the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 will be held in Prague, since it is close to us and we will have an opportunity to go there. Also, Prague is a very historic city with a great medieval background and holding the Championship there will be a great experience.

My team has been in preparations since last year, so we will be ready. I am happy to say that we have more fighters, and we are in constant training.

We have also started a Croatian League which will help us with qualifications, and preparation. Also, we are actively looking for sponsors for our trip to Prague, and hope that we will have means to take the journey in full complement of fighters and support.

We have worked hard, some new members will join our team, and we are better prepared than last year. It is all because we have more experience, and now we can enter a fight without fear and nervousness, and we’ve also worked to improve our tactics and strategy.

So, we hope to have a much better result this year and the most respectable opponents for us will be the teams that we faced in Trogir, because we want to beat them and show that we have grown in experience and fighting skills. They are New Zealand, Finland and UK.


Ivan Pampi Loborec,
President of Croatia HMB Association,
fighter of the National Team of Croatia

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania