Andy Di Francesco, Argentina: “Fighting with the best is the way to grow”

23 Jan 2015 11:52

We are expecting to form two teams for “5 vs 5”. We have the people, but as before, the economic situation is no better. Also, we have two boys ready for “1 vs 1”, but their participation will depend on the final test, because they are more important for the “5 vs 5” category.

By the way, this year I will represent Argentina in the “Triathlon” category, like the last time, and I can`t wait to enter the lists to have a good fight.

I think that Russia is the most expectable opponent for us on the lists, because we learned a lot fighting with them last year… We take this trip to get knowledge, and fighting with the best is the way to grow.

I’m expecting the authentic camp, too. The first year we participated, we made a big camp together with Italy and Spain, it was great and I expect this year we will be together again.

Andy Di Francesco,
captain of the National Team of Argentina



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania